Fight club: book vs. movie

Alrighty so everyone knows the movie Fight Club but not everyone knows the book. Or at least everyone I know has heard of the movie but very few knew it was a book. I didn’t know it was a book until I watched the movie, but once I did, I wanted to read it. I thought it’d be interesting to compare the two and that it could make a cool blog post.

So, which is better, the movie or the book? The book is almost always better; however this is an interesting one because the movie is really really well done. Not just for movie reasons but also for the way it follows the book.

First thing’s first: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

This book is super interesting. It’s about the unnamed protagonist who struggles with several mental health problems. He suffers from insomnia and it gets worse from there. He is obsessed with going to self-help groups for people with cancer or life limiting illnesses and such. These help his insomnia (for whatever weird reason). Marla Singer shows up and ruins his life. She doesn’t even do anything except be there at these self-help groups but this bothers him and he can’t sleep again. Then he meets a friend on an airplane, Tyler Durden. And Tyler changes his life. They begin this club together, Fight Club, for guys to fight as much as they want with no consequences. Things escalate from there, some people die, shit blows up. It’s super exciting.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was really well written. I’ve heard that Palahniuk’s books can be violent and graphic at times, and this one isn’t really an exception, but it’s not that bad. I never felt sick reading it or felt like it was too hard to read on. You just kind of have to gloss over the details and you’ll be good.

But it’s also really interesting to think about. Again, it’s one of those books that made me think “what would I do? Would I do that stuff just to join a club? Would I do that stuff just cause?” I don’t think it was really written to make you think, but it still did and was super interesting. I highly recommend it.

The movie is basically the same. Of course there are some changes that come with making a movie, but those are small. Honestly, there weren’t really any major differences, except the ending.

The ending is completely different in the movie than it was written in the book. The book ending my favourite type of ending, cliff-hangery without leaving any strings untied, let’s you kind of decide what happened. It’s actually one of my favourite endings to a book ever. HOWEVER it could not have been replicated in a movie. It just would not have worked in the slightest. It would have been ruined. The movie ending made way more sense for a movie. So I’m not mad about it and I actually think it was a really good idea to change it. The only thing that annoys me about it is that it means people who don’t read the book don’t know how good the real ending is. It’s just so interesting!!!

As for whether the book helped me understand the movie or vice versa, I’m not really sure. Like I mentioned, I watched the movie before I read the book. So I think maybe knowing the ending helped me pick up the small subtleties in the book and then when I went and re-watched the movie, I noticed them more as well. I know for some people, reading the book helped them understand the movie, which I could understand. But, I also think the reveal is bigger in the movie. It’s more dramatic. If anything, I would honestly watch the movie first because that way you’ll be more shocked.

Just trust me, it’s really good and super interesting. The movie is definitely true to rating, so children really shouldn’t watch it. There is a lot of violence and also just uncomfortable things to watch. So keep that in mind. Same goes for the book. I think you should be at least 15 to read it. And I think if you like mystery-horror-psychological thriller-action kinda books, you’ll like this one. I don’t think it really fits into a genre, but I guess it’s closest to psychological thriller/action.

If you’ve read or watched or both, let me know! I always like knowing other people’s opinions 🙂

Thanks for reading

Ally xx

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