Tag Tuesday: The Reader’s Questionnaire

First read here!

1. What is your favourite book?

Okay, I can never choose. I like too many. Almost all of my 5/5 or 4/5 star reviews would probably have been considered my favourite at some point.

2. What are your goals? For the year? For your life?

For the year, I have a list here! For life, I also have a list here, but I want to influence health policy, meet the queen, get a tattoo, see Pompeii, and buy my own house. It’s a diverse list.

3. Are you a writer? If so, tell me about your work.

I mean, I write a lot for school and work. I wrote a document that informed the Alberta government on advertising policies for marijuana legalization, so that’s cool. I mainly write academic research papers currently.

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and Italy.

5. What was the last movie you saw in the theatre and was it worthwhile?

Everything, Everything was the last movie I saw in theatres. It was pretty good. I liked the story, and it was filmed beautifully. I haven’t read the book though, so I can’t comment on how accurate it was.

6. I’m curious, are there any books that you’ve tried to read and simply couldn’t finish? This is a no judgement zone.

There are several. 1984 by George Orwell, the Sunbird by Wilbur Smith, and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven are the first ones that come to mind.

7. Are you currently working on a new book/project right now? If it’s secret, you don’t have to tell me about it. If so, however, I hope it’s going well.

I don’t think so? I’m trying to read more new books this year, so maybe that? And also read more books that have movie adaptations so I can write more of those posts because they’re some of my favourite to write.

8. If you could live in any of your favourite books, which one would you choose?

Harry Potter, specifically during the Marauders’ time. I like to think we’d be BFFs but in all honesty I’m way too uncool for them so

9. Are there any book-to-movie adaptations that you think are just incredible? That you absolutely hated?

Honestly I think the best one I’ve seen was the Thief Lord, which was a fairly low-budget movie but I remember it being fantastic. Perks of Being a Wallflower is also pretty good. Fight Club was also pretty good.

The worst would be the fifth Harry Potter book. I could probably write a novel with all the things they did wrong.

10. What do you look for in a book that you want to read? What’s the first thing to capture your attention?

The first thing is normally the title and cover. Then whatever the blurb is.

11. If you’re an author, what do you do when you first get an idea for a book?

I’m not an author 😦 but when I get an idea for a blog post, I write it on whatever I can find and try not to lose it.

12. How do you feel about different genres? Romance? YA? Sci-Fi? Poetry? Do you have any favourites? Any least-favourites?

I read most genres. I think my least favourite might be YA-dystopian, just because I think I’ve read too much at this point and have found it a bit repetitive (that being said, some of my favourite books are SFF). I never really read poetry, but I don’t hate it.

13. If you could meet any writer in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

JK Rowling or Agatha Christie. I love them both.

14. Do you prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Generally fiction, but there are a couple non-fiction that I love.

15. Are there any characters that everyone loves that you can’t stand? Or vice versa?

Finch from All the Bright Places. I cannot. stand him. cannot.

But I don’t think there are any characters that everyone hates but I love.

16. What do you like to do besides reading/writing?

I horseback ride and love it, so that. I also like to bake and do photography.

17. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

I want to be a face of change for health policy. It needs to happen. I also wouldn’t mind being prime minister one day??? We’ll see.

18. What is your favourite guilty pleasure book?

Anna and the French Kiss, but I don’t feel that guilty for liking it.

19. Do you have a reading goal set for this year?

I want to read 5 new books! I also summarized them here! But I don’t have a book number count because it’s hard to read during school and I don’t want to stress myself out.

20. Tell me anything about yourself that I haven’t asked. Random fact. Weird human trick. Whatever.

I was once stung by a jellyfish. It was really painful.

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