Bucket List

Bucket List

  1. get a tattoo
  2. see the northern lights
  3. get an A+ in a class (done Fall, 2020)
  4. complete my BHSc (done April 2018)
  5. graduate law school
  6. get my phD
  7. get a publication with 100 citations
  8. give a presentation at a conference (done June 2017 at the CPA Convention)
  9. get to the 1.20m at Spruce Meadows
  10. go to every continent
  11. sell my photography
  12. donate $1,000 to charity, preferably a local one
  13. donate blood (even though I may pass out)
  14. be officially interviewed
  15. impact a government policy
  16. ski a double black diamond on purpose (done January 2020)
  17. live on my own
  18. buy my own house
  19. go to the movies alone
  20. run a seven minute mile
  21. get my own dog
  22. see Florence + the Machine live
  23. meet Eric Lamaze
  24. have a face-to-face confrontation and not cry
  25. get 100 likes on an Instagram post (that is so lame I’m so sorry but still let me have my moment) (done June 2018)
  26. write a magazine/newspaper article
  27. fight for equality
  28. become conversational in French
  29. go on a road trip (done August 2017)
  30. experience zero gravity
  31. dye my hair (done October 2020)
  32. donate my hair
  33. read the Bible and the Koran
  34. meet the Queen

Travel Bucket List

To be continually added upon

North America

  • trail ride through Yellowstone National Park
  • see the Golden Gate bridge (done August 2017)
  • hike the West Coast Trail
  • see the Northern Lights (sorry Thomas Rhett but if I die without seeing the Northern Lights I will be thoroughly pissed)
  • visit the North Pole
  • backpack in the Rockies (done September 2011)
  • hike Alderson-Carthew (done July 2017)
  • rock climb in the Rockies (done July 2017)
  • go to Yosemite
  • spend a night in the Grand Canyon
  • see a show on Broadway
  • see a ball game at Fenway
  • go to Disney World (I don’t know the first time I did this but the earliest I remember was 2004)
  • see the Salmon Run
  • go to Coachella
  • do an Antarctic cruise
  • visit every province, territory, and state

South America

  • see Machu Picchu (done March 2014)
  • visit the Amazon (done March 2014)
  • see Christ the Redeemer


  • see the Great Barrier Reef (done 2007)
  • see the Sydney Opera House (done 2007)
  • visit Fiji
  • see Hobbiton
  • visit the Maldives


  • spend a night in the Sahara (done March 2013)
  • see the Pyramids
  • see Madagascar’s Avenue of the Baobabs
  • visit Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand


  • see Buckingham Palace (done July 2016)
  • visit Venice and the Amalfi Coast
  • see the Eiffel Tower (done June 2009)
  • see Loch Ness
  • ski in the Swiss Alps
  • eat chocolate in Belgium
  • eat a croissant in France (done June 2009)
  • visit the Vatican
  • see the Acropolis (done July 2016)


  • visit Japan
  • visit Tibet
  • get to base camp on Everest
  • see the Taj Mahal
  • walk the Great Wall of China
  • visit the Dead Sea and Jerusalem


  • go in a hot air balloon (done August 2013 in San Diego)
  • go to every continent
  • go zip lining (done August 2013 in Ontario)
  • go to school outside of Canada
  • hitchhike (done July 2017 in Alberta)
  • go dogsledding (done January 2016 in Alberta)
  • kayak at sunset (done August 2014 on Georgian Bay)

6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I Ally, just had a scan of your blog and wanted to say it is amazing. You sound like one of those girls on a sitcom or in a movie which people view from a distance which are so fun and have so much going for them in life. You have fresh perspective, your outlook on life is so big, your mind is working overtime constantly. I love it! It feels like I was there 3 days ago and now I am 35 with 2 beautiful teenagers. Time flies very quickly and once you get a boyfriend it turns into a tornado and picks you with with it. Stay grounded and hope to see all your bucket list boxes get ticked off! All the best girlie! Jean

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