Unpopular opinion Friday


So I was going to do a whole post listing 5 of my unpopular book opinions, but I ended up writing practically an essay for each, so I thought instead I’d split it up into a few posts. Hopefully you like them!

Unpopular opinion #1. Cliffhangers as book endings

tbh, I really like a well-written cliffhanger as the ending of a book. My favourite book ending almost ever is Fight Club, because all the loose strings are tied up, but you still don’t know 100% for sure what’s happening. I think if an author can do that, it’s really cool. That being said, all the strings have to be tied. I hate plot holes more than almost anything, so if you’re going to write a cliffhanger at least wrap everything else up.

Another book ending similar to this ending is Eleanor and Park. Even though I had mixed feelings about this book, I really enjoyed the ending. It was kind of open for the reader to interpret for themselves. I really liked that. I think it’s something that should be done more in books; however, it is definitely super hard to write, so I’ll give authors credit there.

But looking at all my favourite books, most of them have a kind of “up in the air” ending. Like, things are tied up and explained, but the reader can still somewhat decide what they want for the characters. I just really like it.

Let me know your thoughts below!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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