First third reviews

Happy Friday, friends! Today is my first review round-up of the year, where I'm giving you some mini reviews on the books I've read in the first four month of the year. I've read a total of nine books so far this year, most of which either got 4 or 4.5 stars. So without further … Continue reading First third reviews

Book review: A Dream of a Woman

A Dream of a Woman by Casey Plett From Goodreads Centering transgender women seeking stable, adult lives, A Dream of a Woman finds quiet truths in prairie high-rises and New York warehouses, and in freezing Canadian winters and drizzly Oregon days. In "Hazel and Christopher," two childhood friends reconnect as adults after one of them has transitioned. … Continue reading Book review: A Dream of a Woman

Favourites and disappointments of 2022

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm talking about my favourite and least favourite books of 2022! I decided to put them all in one post because I didn't have that many least favourites/disappointments, and I have very little to say about my favourites beyond "I loved this." I've also combined my least favourite and disappointments because … Continue reading Favourites and disappointments of 2022

Book review: How to Pronounce Knife

How to Pronounce Knife: Stories by Souvankham Thammavongsa From Goodreads In the title story of Souvankham Thammavongsa's debut collection, a young girl brings a book home from school and asks her father to help her pronounce a tricky word, a simple exchange with unforgettable consequences. Thammavongsa is a master at homing in on moments like this … Continue reading Book review: How to Pronounce Knife