Thursday’s Top 4: books someone recommended to you

Find out more about Thursday’s Top 4 here! It’s basically a meme I started mainly for myself, but anyone can participate! Visit this page for the upcoming topics 🙂

This week the topic is books someone recommended to you. I’m sure we all get recommendations from people, and I think it’s interesting to see what other people think we like. So here are some books people recommended to me!

Pachinko by Min Jin See
Recommended by: my mom
Rating: 4.5 stars

My mom read Pachinko earlier this year, so I read it during our summer holiday (what a summery read lmao) and loved it! It’s such an amazing book, guys.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
Recommended by: my friend from high school, Stephanie
Rating: 4 stars

I’m no longer friends with Steph (good riddance tbh lol) but she recommended this book to me in grade 11, and she wasn’t really a reader, so I figured it must be pretty good. And I really enjoyed it!! It’s one of my favourite summer books and one of my favourites to reread.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
Recommended by: my friend from horseback riding’s mom
Rating: 5 stars

This is maybe the randomest recommendation, but this girl I rode with’s mom recommended the Glass Castle to me, and I’m so glad I read it. I don’t remember how it came up or why she told me to read it, but I ended up loving it, so kudos to her for finding me one of my favourites.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
Recommended by: my best friend Charlotte, when it was still just a web comic
Rating: 5 stars

Charlotte sent me the link to Nimona when it was still a webcomic, and we eagerly waited for it to update every Thursday. As soon as we’d read it, we’d message each other with our thoughts. And we screamed when we learned it was being turned into a real, physical book. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it.

So those are some recommendations I’ve gotten from people! What about you? Have you read any of these? Has anyone ever recommended a book that you ended up loving? Let me know!!

Thanks for reading! xx

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top 4: books someone recommended to you

      1. I like reading both short and long reads and I have no one genre of books l enjoy reading though I still prefer Christian fiction to other types of titles but I’ve been venturing into children’s books recently and I have a whole library of fables and fiction books for kids esp in PDF format

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