Thursday’s Top 4

Thursday’s Top 4 is a meme I started mainly for myself, but I thought others might enjoy doing it too. It’s similar to Top 5 Wednesday, so I’ll try to not have too much overlap. It’ll just be every other week for now.

Thanks for participating! Make sure you tag me so I can read your responses too 🙂

July 5: favourite titles

July 19: books you recommend to everyone

August 2: recent favourite book covers

August 16: books you’d like to rewrite

August 30: books that make you want to time travel

May 25: book dogs

June 8: hyped up books you think are worth it

June 22: books that remind you of a specific place

July 6: books to read when you’re in a slump

July 20: books that didn’t need to be series

August 3: books that have been on your TBR the longest

August 17: favourite fictional worlds

August 31: books that take place in high school

September 14: best villains

September 28: books you immediately had to read

October 12: authors where you liked one of their books but not the other

October 26: books that haunted you (get it, like for Halloween??)

November 9: non-fluffy books (not necessarily books without romance, but books where any romance isn’t fluffy)

November 23: books with bad endings/endings you want to rewrite (but no spoilers!!)

December 7: books with good Christmas scenes

December 21: favourite 2017 releases

January 4: favourite endings (to books or series)

January 18: books to read when you’re in a slump

February 1: favourite short books (get it, because February is a short month??)

February 15: favourite fictional couples (for Valentines day!)

March 1: books with bad endings that you liked

March 15: books that remind you of a time or place

March 29: books you want to re-read soon

April 12: super emotional books

April 26: books people might not know about

May 10: great Young Adult books

May 24: books with no romance

June 7: books you read because of something superficial (ex. the cover, the general topic)

June 21: books that feature a beach (for summer!)


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