Mini review: The Future of Another Timeline

The Future of Another Timeline by Analee Newitz

From Goodreads

1992: After a confrontation at a riot grrl concert, seventeen-year-old Beth finds herself in a car with her friend’s abusive boyfriend dead in the backseat, agreeing to help her friends hide the body. This murder sets Beth and her friends on a path of escalating violence and vengeance as they realize many other young women in the world need protecting too.

2022: Determined to use time travel to create a safer future, Tess has dedicated her life to visiting key moments in history and fighting for change. But rewriting the timeline isn’t as simple as editing one person or event. And just when Tess believes she’s found a way to make an edit that actually sticks, she encounters a group of dangerous travelers bent on stopping her at any cost.

Tess and Beth’s lives intertwine as war breaks out across the timeline–a war that threatens to destroy time travel and leave only a small group of elites with the power to shape the past, present, and future. Against the vast and intricate forces of history and humanity, is it possible for a single person’s actions to echo throughout the timeline?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was super interesting. It’s a mixture of contemporary, sci-fi, and historical fiction, and they’re all woven together really well.

I really liked the characters. The side characters definitely stole the show in my opinion, but the narrators were also great. The plot was super interesting as well. I loved the idea of the time machines, and thought they were so interesting. I liked how the workings of the time machines was not completely explained; it made them seem more realistic, in a way. There was also some great representation in this book: most of the side characters are queer and/or non-binary people of colour, which was great to see in sci-fi.

My biggest complaint about this book was that I thought it dragged at points. Once the plot got going, it was great, but there was a lot of exposition and dragging in the middle. Definitely would recommend this, though, if you’re interested in the idea.

So those are my thoughts! Sorry this review was so short. I definitely recommend this book if you’re intrigued by it.

But have you read it? What were your thoughts? Do you plan to read it? Let me know!

Ally xx

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