Most original book covers (jk)

Happy Friday, everyone! I was going to write a post about my favourite covers on my TBR, but as I was going through my TBR, I noticed several trends in book covers. As we know, I like calling out petty things. So I thought that today, I would call out some trends in book covers.

Disclaimer: I actually like pretty much all of these trends. I think they’re eye-catching and interesting, and so many of these books I had shamelessly added to my TBR because of the cover. I just think it’s funny to point out trends that occur. It’s also interesting to see what current trends are.

So without further ado, here are some current trends with book covers!

untitled design (1)

Picture with Yellow Text

Graphic Novel with Round Object

The Crazy Background Covers the Text

Minimalsim with Beige™

Side Portrait of an Attractive Black Person



Just Black with White Text

Bold! Red! Text!

Mystery/Thriller with Woman’s Face Obscured by Text

Aesthetic flies???

untitled design (1)

So those are some trends in book covers I noticed. Honestly, most of these are so gorgeous (minus the flies). And this was such a fun post to put together. Let me know if you notice these trends too! And if there are any other trends I missed!

Thanks for reading! xx

20 thoughts on “Most original book covers (jk)

  1. I love this post! I love the background covers the text and beige (and pastel) minimalism trends! I feel like there’s also a trend starting with more illustrated covers in YA and I love that too.

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  2. I think the only one I actually noticed was thriller with a woman’s obscured face. As for all the other ones, it wasn’t until I saw all the similar books put together in this post that I really recognized the trend. But I found it so cool to see how similar those books were, but also how different they were most of the time! I still think I’d be able to pick a particular book out of a lineup even if it was surrounded by similar books. Great post!

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  3. I’ve noticed that covers are getting more minimalist and I’m not mad about it; I love a good minimalist cover. I didn’t realize how similar some of these are until you put them side my side and now I definitely can’t unsee it!! Great post 🙂

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