Thursday’s Top 4: new releases I still need to read

Happy Thursday, everyone! Find out more about Thursday’s Top 4 here! It’s basically a meme I started mainly for myself, but anyone can participate! Visit this page for the upcoming topics 🙂

This week the topic is new releases you still need to read. I am the worst at reading new releases. I never know what books are being released or what’s happening. Then I finally read books years later when everyone is already over it. Today I focused on books released in 2018.

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Iron Gold by Pierce Brown: Red Rising was one of my favourite trilogies when I read it a couple of years ago. I can’t believe I haven’t read Iron Gold yet. But also, I kind of want to wait for the rest to be released so I can binge them.

Sadie by Courtney Summers: I’ve heard so many good things about Sadie! Everyone seems to love it, and it sounds right up my alley. I definitely need to read it soon.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton: my brother got me a copy of this for Christmas, and I really need to get to it soon. Hopefully when I’m back home for the summer!

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh: again, I’ve heard a ton of good things about this book, and it sounds so interesting. I really want to try to read it soon (but also I have so many other books to read).

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So basically, I could’ve listed dozens of books I haven’t read yet that I need to. But I feel like these are the top four from 2018 that I still need to read, and will try to prioritize. Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts? Which should I read first? Let me know!!

Ally xx

15 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top 4: new releases I still need to read

    1. So glad you agree!!! Maybe one day we’ll both be able to read them haha

      And yay, that’s awesome to hear! I’ve heard such great things about the Water Cure and I really want to read it soon!


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