Most original book covers pt. 2

Hello, gals and gays! I hope all is well. Today, I wanted to do a follow-up to a fun post I did a little while ago. A few months ago now, I did a blog post where I talked about some trends in book covers. It was a kind of dumb post where I poked fun at publishing. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and I thought it would be time for part two!

So, without further ado, here are some more trends in book covers. Remember that this post is all in good fun, and that many of these book covers are very gorgeous.

The YA Book Snake™

Artsy black and white with text over it

Cartoon sapphics

A woman but instead of a face, it’s something artsy

Abstract, colourful background with text over it

Orange with bird AKA these two just look really similar

Girl + purple background + yellow overlay


More artsy side portraits, this time overlaid with colour

So, there are some very pretty book covers! Again, this post is all in good fun, I just like looking at trends in things.

But anyway, have you noticed any of these trends? What were your favourites? What are your favourite book covers? Let me know!

Ally xx

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31 thoughts on “Most original book covers pt. 2

  1. Omg I just realized I have been mostly hesitant about reading Real Life because I read As Good as True and found it meh & this cover made me assume I’d feel meh about RL too!!! Mind BLOWN.

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  2. Omg, i had noticed the snake one (which is probably the most obvious as they’ve been mostly hyped xd) but some also kinda took me by surprise!! Very true how some covers tend to all look the same- or sound the same.. like with the seven husband and the seven death of that one name I can’t think of xD Evelin something.

    Really love that kind of posts! Xx

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    1. Omg yes, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Seven &1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle! Apparently the author of the second one had to add the “& 1/2” to the American title because it was too similar to Evelyn Hugo!

      Thank you! 💕✨

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  3. Omg, I’ve always noticed books resembling each other when they’re of the same genre! I guess they take inspiration from each other, though sometimes it can get mildly annoying. But I love how the covers truly portray their content! It gives readers the chance to make snap judgements on whether it’s something that they’d be interested in. This was a fun post!

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