Tag Tuesday: My Good Reading Habits Tag (original tag!)

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to another Tag Tuesday! Today is very exciting! I’m making my own tag!!!!! A couple of weeks ago I did the My Bad Reading Habits Tag, and it got me thinking about the good reading habits I have. And I thought it’d be fun to put into a tag similar to the the Bad Reading Habits Tag. So here we are!


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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some of your blogging friends

Reading my physical TBR

If I have a physical TBR, I’m pretty good about following it. I like putting all my TBR books in a pile on my bedroom floor, and then moving them to another pile when I read them. It’s satisfying to see my TBR pile get smaller and read pile get bigger.

Not buying new books

I’m actually pretty good at not buying books. To be fair, this is for several reasons. I don’t have a ton of extra money to spend on non-school books. I don’t really go to many bookstores. I don’t browse the Kindle store or Book Depository or other book-buying websites. I get most of my books as presents, and we have a ton of books in my house I want to read, so I don’t really buy a ton.

Picking books I’ll like

I’m fairly good at choosing books I know I’ll enjoy, so my ratings are fairly high. I’m just really picky in all aspects of my life, so I’m good at picking what I’ll like. I know what I like and I know what will bother me, so I just avoid things I know will bug me.

I tag: Callum, Rachel, SarahNicole, ErinOrangutan Librarian, Rebecca, Ellyn, Bree, Kelly, LaRonda, Kristin, Ruqs, Sav, Kiersten, Joe, Haley, Zuky, Kaleena, Malanie, Caidyn, and you reading this who wants to share your good reading habits!

As always, no pressure!! But, if you feel like sharing some of your good reading habits, I’d definitely love to read about them!

What are some of your reading habits? Any similar ones? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

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