In or Out Book Tag

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I'm doing a tag, which is my first in a while. This is the In or Out Book Tag, created by my pal Rick from BookTube. Essentially, you give your thoughts and opinions on different tropes and other book-related topics, and say whether you're "in" (you like it) or "out" (you … Continue reading In or Out Book Tag

Midyear Freakout Book Tag: 2021

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope your week has been going well. Today I'm doing the Midyear Freakout Book Tag to talk about some of the books I've read so far this year! Credits go to Earl Grey Books and ReadLikeWildFire for creating the original tag (although the original video has since been deleted). So, let's get into the books! BEST … Continue reading Midyear Freakout Book Tag: 2021