Woman of the Month: Toni Morrison

Woman of the Month is a feature on my blog where each month I highlight a woman in the world who I think garners recognition. I started this mainly to increase Girl Power and empowerment, and because there’s a lot of women I feel are overlooked and I wanted to bring attention to them.

This month I’m highlighting Toni Morrison.

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison is an African-American writer who has written novels, plays, and several non-fiction books. In her early life, she was an editor for Random House, where she became the first black, woman senior editor of the fiction department. In this role, she championed black authors and published several books written by African-American authors.

This month in 1993, Toni Morrison was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature. She has also won the Pulitzer Prize, the American Book Award, and the National Book Foundation’s Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, among several others. In 2012, she was awarded the American medal of Freedom.

She was also a single mom and wrote her first novel, the Bluest Eye, while raising her two sons alone.


Thanks for reading! xx

4 thoughts on “Woman of the Month: Toni Morrison

  1. I think she is amazing and such a great example for all generations. I have read Two of her books the last months. A Mercy is so deep and confusing but the message and the criticism is amazing! Great selection!!

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