2017 blogging review

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates Christmas!

It’s the last day of Blogmas, which is crazy. I’m super happy I participated in Blogmas. It was a good challenge, but I really enjoyed it. I also just wanted to note that I’ll be taking a mini hiatus until the 29th, when I’ll publish my last Woman of the Month of the year! I’ll still probably read and comment on all your posts, but I have nothing planned until then.

I wanted to do a 2017 year in review, both for life and for my blog. My life one will be up in January, and today I’m doing my blog one!

Top five posts

  1. Thursday’s Top 4: books with bad endings/endings you want to rewrite: 27 likes, 17 comments
  2. The Liebster Award: 26 likes, 15 comments
  3. Book review: The Night Circus: 25 likes, 20 comments
  4. Top Five Wednesday: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About: 25 likes, 20 comments
  5. 150 followers: 25 likes, 11 comments

Stats (as of right now)

  • Views: 4,802
  • Visitors: 2,043
  • Likes: 1,980
  • Comments: 1,104
  • Best month: November (1,072 views, 384 visitors, 441 likes, 285 comments)
  • Best views ever: November 2nd (although this is mainly because my friend Madison binge-read all my posts, so it was a bit of an outlier haha)

These numbers are absolutely insane to me. Thank you so much everyone!

Reviews published (see my full list here!)

Other updates

I started Thursday’s Top 4, which is a meme I host every other Thursday. It’s a lot of fun, and I love when other people participate.

In August, I started my feature Woman of the Month, where I highlight notable women from that month. It’s one of my favourite posts to do and I love increasing girl power. Women highlighted: Peggy McIntosh, Toni Morrison, Edie Windsor, and Rosemary Brown.

I also started Recommendations for…, where I give recommendations for a specific type of book or group of people. Books recommended for: those who don’t like reading, young or new activists, and coffee table books.

Overall I’m so happy with how this year went blog-wise. It was always a source of happiness for me in the hardest few months recently. Thank you all so much for all your likes and comments. Having discussions is my favourite, so thank you all for that. Thank you for everyone who nominated me for awards, and who read books I recommended, and who tagged me in tags, and who recommended books. All have the support has been amazing, and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Thanks for reading xx


15 thoughts on “2017 blogging review

  1. Happy New Year! I did the opposite… I kept posting and stopped visiting for the end of the year! 🙂

    I’ve been happy to join you in some of those book discussions. It’s great to find fellow bloggers to chat with.

    Liked by 1 person

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