Goals for 2020 + blog plans

Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe that it is almost February? Me neither. It’s finally time for me to talk about my goals for 2020, as well as give y’all a bit of an update about my blogging plans.

If you didn’t know, I took a bit of a hiatus in December that carried over to January. I just wasn’t feeling blogging anymore and wanted to take a break to miss it. In all honesty, I haven’t really missed it a ton. I’ve missed talking to you all, and I’ve missed telling people my opinion on books, but I haven’t missed the blogging I was doing pre-hiatus. I was posting four times a week, often talking about things I didn’t necessarilyΒ want to be talking about because I felt like I had to post, for whatever reason.

SO I’ve decided to chill a little. Instead of reviewing every book I read, I’m only going to review books where I have something to say. And I’m only going to post when I want to post. Which IΒ know sounds obvious, but I sometimes have to remind myself that that’s the whole point of this blog. I’m hoping to post twice-ish per week, but we’ll see.

ANYWAY let’s get into my goals for 2020.

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  • Read 30 books: last year, I planned to read 25 books and ended up reading 44 books. I don’t think I’ll be able to read that many this year, so I’m setting my goal to 30, which I think is totally doable.
  • Read 50% Canadian authors: I want to read more Canadian authors, so I’m setting this goal to help me stick to that. Also, I’m setting this to 50% rather than 15 books, so if I read more than 30 books, I will read more than 15 books by Canadian authors.
  • Of those, read 50% Indigenous authors: I think Indigenous voices are often overlooked and not discussed enough in the book world, even in talks about diversity. So, I want to promote them as much as possible.
  • Read three non-fiction books: I think 10% is doable. I’ve also recently found that I really like listening to non-fiction audiobooks.
  • Read one graphic novel: my issue with graphic novels is they’re so expensive but only take me like 30 minutes to read but I don’t like reading them on my phone on Libby. So I never read them. BUT I have a ton of graphic novels on my TBR, so I want to read at least one. Maybe I’ll steal my mom’s iPad to read them on.
  • Read one classic: one classic is very doable for me, who doesn’t read classics.

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  • Reach 1,600 followers: self-explanatory.
  • Host a giveaway: also self-explanatory. I’m thinking when I reach 1,500 followers, I’ll host a giveaway.

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  • Find a job + articling: this is a constant stress on my life rn. To be called to the bar, I need to article. And I need a job so I have experience so I can do articling. And I’ve emailed so many places and firms and have yet to get a job. So I’m making in an official goal so that it’ll hopefully happen.
  • Eat more vegetables (lol): I know, I know. This is such a vague goal. I’m really not a vegetable fan, so I never eat them. But I want to eat more and be healthier overall. So. More vegetables. If anyone has any good recipes, let me know!
  • Rock climb once per week in the summer: I had this goal last year and managed to do it. And I love climbing, so I want to try to do it as much this summer again.
  • See friends at least once a month: I’m normally pretty good about this during the school year, but, perhaps paradoxically, I’m bad about it during the summer. I need to remember to see my friends more often. BUT one of my closest friends is getting married and I’m a bridesmaid, so I’ll probably see them fairly frequently for wedding-related things.

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So, those are my goals for 2020! What are your goals? Any similar ones? Want to join me on my Canadian reading goal? Let me know! And send me good job vibes, please!

Thanks for reading! xx

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18 thoughts on “Goals for 2020 + blog plans

  1. Those are some great goals (eat more vegetables is great and should be on most people’s list tbh)! I hope you have a great year and that you get a job you enjoy. I’ve also added “being more chill” to my goals this year regarding blogging, so good luck to us with that!

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  2. Good luck on all your goals! I think I’m also going to try to read more non-fiction this year. It will be tough because I don’t like reading non-fiction during the semester since I already have to read my textbooks. But I think I can fit in one or two books this year, as long as I’m interested in the topic!

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    1. Thank you so much! I totally feel you about the textbook thing. I’ve found that memoirs are really great because they’re more story-like than other nonfiction. I’ve also found that audiobooks are really great for nonfiction as well!


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