Tag Tuesday: My Name in Blogs Tag

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I’m doing a super fun tag, theΒ May Name in Blogs Tag! I was tagged for this tag (19 years ago) by the lovely Kelly, who is one of the loveliest bloggers ever. Recently, I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude for the blogging community in some way, and this is a really easy way to do that!


  • Spell your blog name with other blog names!
  • If you have a long blog name, feel free to shorten it/only use part of it!
  • Write a bit about each blog you mention to tell the world how much you love them.
  • Pingback to the creator of this tag (Hammock of Books).
  • Pingback all the blogs you mentioned so they can see why you love them.

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Blogs that spell Ally Writes Things

Autumn Book Reads: I just recently started following Autumn, but they are super lovely and so nice.

Lucy and a Cup Full of Tea: I have followed Lucy since the very beginning, and she’s the greatest. Honestly, her bookstagram is super aesthetically pleasing and she’s always super honest in her book reviews.

Lois Reads Books: I have followed Lois also since (basically) the beginning. Her theme is so pretty and she makes wonderful graphics. If you like YA and contemporary, her blog is definitely for you!

Y: I didn’t have a Y 😩😩

Weaving Fiction: I have followed Sarah Jane for AGES now. I love her book reviews, and she’s also super lovely to talk to.

Reader Voracious: I’m sure y’all know Kaleena by now, but if not, then what are you doing? She’s one of the nicest, most supportive bloggers I know, and she reads a ton of different genres and is always super honest in her reviews.

I Have Thoughts on Books: Hannah writes some really great reviews. Honestly, she has some of the most thoughtful reviews I’ve read!

(the) Terror Of Knowing: Emma is another blogger I have been following for ages now, and she’s great. I love her reviews (we tend to have similar taste!), and she posts super thoughtful discussions, too. (also I always have Queen stuck in my head when I think of your blog name, Emma)

Erin’s Bookish Faves: Erin has some wonderful, fun, honest reviews, and I love reading them!

Storeys of Stories: I have been following Joe since theΒ very beginning, and his blog is one of my favourites! He reads a ton of genres that I love but don’t often read (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.), which is great because I always know where to look if I need a recommendation.

TBR and Beyond: I just recently started following Melanie and Mireille, but their blog is fantastic! They always have great recommendations and reviews.

Hammock of Books: Kay is one of the most honest reviewers I know. If she loves a book, you’ll know. If she hates a book, you’llΒ definitely know. She also posts super insightful discussions!

(the) Inky Saga: Lori is also wonderful and lovely, and her blog aesthetic is great too. I love her bullet journal designs, they’re super original and 100% inspire me to take up bullet journalling.

Natys Bookshelf: Naty is another wonderful, lovely, sweet blogger. I always think of the word “cozy” when I think of her blog, probably because of her Sunday Snuggle posts, but also because she’s such a warm, lovely person.

Gossamer Pages: Lauren is another blogger with super honest, insightful reviews. She hasn’t posted in a little while, but I hope she’s doing well!

Siobhan’s Novelties: Siobhan is so lovely and so supportive, and has one of my favourite aesthetics. Her reviews are also really honest, and she’s not worried about voicing her opinion.

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So there’s my name in blogs! If I mentioned you, consider yourself tagged! And also, if I didn’t mention you, I promise you’re still one of my favourites. My blog name doesn’t have any “B”‘s, so I missed about 85% of the bloggers I follow and love.

Thank you for reading! And thank you for all the continued support ❀ ❀

Ally xx

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26 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: My Name in Blogs Tag

  1. This is such a sweet tag!! Thank you so much for including me in this list, it brightened my day to read what you wrote! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You’re very lovely and I love reading your blog, Ally!

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