Goodreads Bookshelf Tour: to reread

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today is the first official instalment of my new Goodreads Bookshelf series! Inspired by Bella @ All Things Annabelle, every other week, I'll be going through the different shelves I have on Goodreads, explaining what they mean, and some of the books on there. Today I'm going over my to reread shelf. This … Continue reading Goodreads Bookshelf Tour: to reread

Books I reread in 2018

Hi friends! I know you're probably tired of seeing 2018 review posts. But I like writing them (and reading them) and still have some I want to do, so sorry!!!! Today, I thought I'd talk about the books I reread in 2018. I tend to reread old favourites, or old books I don't remember a … Continue reading Books I reread in 2018