Books on my TBR: classics by men

Hello, friends! Time to talk about some more books on my TBR! This is a series where I talk about a specific subset of books on my TBR. I've done a few posts of really long lists of books on my TBR, so for these posts I'm going to try to keep the list fairly … Continue reading Books on my TBR: classics by men

All the classics I’ve read

Hello, friends! On Wednesday, I talked about some classics by women on my TBR that I want to read, and next week I'm going to be talking about classics by men. But today, I thought we could talk about the classics that I have read! Which, granted, isn't many. But I thought it could be … Continue reading All the classics I’ve read

4 “classics” that are definitely worth it

These aren't necessarily classified as "classics" but more books that everyone seems to know and talk about. They're ones I really enjoyed and I think are worth reading. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov – okay this book is fantastic. I have a review coming at some point. The writing is beautiful and I absolutely adore it. … Continue reading 4 “classics” that are definitely worth it