Books that incorporate religion

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm discussing some books that incorporate religion. I've always found religion and people's relationship to religion really interesting. I've always been interested in how religion shapes people's lives, so it's always particularly interesting when that's an aspect of books. So I thought it could be interesting to discuss some books where … Continue reading Books that incorporate religion

Favourite books of 2019

Hi friends, and welcome to my first wrap-up post of the year! Today, I'm going to be discussing my favourite books of 2019. I read a lot of mediocre books this year, honestly, but I also read a lot of books that I really enjoyed. So here are my top ten (eleven) books of the … Continue reading Favourite books of 2019

Top Ten Tuesday October 9: longest books I’ve read

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Learn more about Top Ten Tuesday here! Today the topic is longest books I've ever read. This is according to Goodreads, so the format might be different than the format I read. So just keep that in mind! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling: 870 pages A Game of … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday October 9: longest books I’ve read