Books on my TBR: authors I’ve read before

Hello, friends! Time to talk about some more books on my TBR! This is a series where I talk about a specific subset of books on my TBR. I've done a few posts of really long lists of books on my TBR, so for these posts I'm going to try to keep the list fairly … Continue reading Books on my TBR: authors I’ve read before

July and August TBR (???)

Good morning, y'all, and happy Monday! Today I'm writing a TBR (to be read) post. I know, hold your surprise. I don't tend to write TBRs because I'm much more of a mood reader, and just tend to pick up whatever I feel like at the time. But, I sometimes like making long-term TBRs, especially … Continue reading July and August TBR (???)