Monthly recommendations: relatable characters

Find out more about the Goodreads group here! This month is relatable characters, which I think is such a fun topic! Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman The protagonist of this book, Kiko, has social anxiety. And parts of it were painfully relatable. Like holy shit, I'd never read something that I related to more. Especially the part … Continue reading Monthly recommendations: relatable characters

Tag Tuesday: the “Me in Book Characters” Tag

Thank you very much to Ash and Lo from Windowsill Books for creating this tag and tagging me in it! Sorry it took so long to get to, it definitely took some thinking but it was so fun! The Rules: Thank the creators of the tag (Us! Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books) Thank whoever tagged … Continue reading Tag Tuesday: the “Me in Book Characters” Tag

Top Ten Tuesday November 7: Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders

Learn more about Top Ten Tuesday here! This week is Ten Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders. I did a mixture of characters who would make great leaders and characters who are good leaders. Mustang from Red Rising is anyone surprised by me putting her? No. Starr from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Snow … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday November 7: Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders

T5W: Characters’ Fitness Routines You Want

Find more about T5W here! This week’s topic is Characters' Fitness Routines You Want. Sam says "This can be interpreted a bunch of different ways! Fitness comes in many different packages. This can be about characters who are super fast, strong, agile, good at dancing, good at climbing, athletes, or foodies! Whatever it means to you. This is inspired by those routines you see in magazines for actors, but with more of an open mind and less body shaming 🙂 "