Star Ratings

For books:

5/5: the best of the best. I probably recommend this book to everyone and thought it had some impact on my life (ex. the Goldfinch, Lolita, Nothing, Everyday, I am the Messenger). I can most likely recite large portions of it. (ex. Harry Potter and PoA, Good Omens) OR if it wasn’t groundbreaking, I just love it a lot for other reasons (ex. Before I Fall, Red Rising). I probably read it every year to two years.

4/5: love it. I’m most likely obsessed with it. I probably read it every other year and recommend it to so many people. Likely a 4 instead of a 5 because it didn’t make me rethink my life or cry on my bedroom floor but was still really good (ex. Anna and the French Kiss, the Truth About Forever).

3/5: good. Probably an easy read in a specific genre. Would likely re-read, but not any time soon. Still recommend it to people when they ask for recommendations in this genre (ex. the Boston Girl, Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi).

2/5: fine, but nothing really special. Like, it was good and there was nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t click with me (ex. Eleanor and Park, Abundance of Katherines). May or may not read again.

1/5: most likely a DNF. If I did finish it, it’s because I had to. Nothing else really to say (ex. the Sunbird).

**disclaimer** some ratings might not always agree with my Goodreads because a lot of the books I review I’ve read previously, and my ratings have changed with time. However, I’m working on keeping them equal-ish

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