December wrap-up!

Happy January, y’all! I cannot believe it’s 2023. Literally where does the time go.

Anyway, I’m excited for January because I love wrap-up posts and I have some planned for January! I was looking through my old blog posts, and I used to really love blogging AND I was honestly pretty good at it. I think I want to start blogging a bit more regularly again, so we’ll see how that goes! But for January, you can expect at least one 2022 reading wrap-up post and one other post!

But let’s look at my December!

Books Read

  • A Dream of a Woman by Casey Plett: 4 stars

Only one this month! I had big reading plans that didn’t pan out BUT I did meet my Goodreads goal so 🎉

Currently reading

  • I got some books for Christmas that I’m super excited to read so hopefully one of those!

Things watched

  • Survivor 43: my partner and I are really behind on this season, but we’ve been catching up! I’ve been having a good time honestly, though there’s no one I really love.
  • Okay I watched a lot more movies than usual so bear with me.
  • I FINALLY watched Top Gun: Maverick, and I loved it! The original Top Gun is one of my favourite movies, and I had such a great time with this one too. It was so fun and silly, so definitely give it a go.
  • I watched Our Father on Netflix, which was as creepy as I was expecting it to be. I’d definitely recommend it if you like weird creepy things.
  • I attempted to watch Holidate and couldn’t make it through it. Terrible, 1/5 stars.
  • Instead, I watched Don’t Worry Darling, which I actually really enjoyed! I thought it was super interesting, very entertaining, fun to look at, had a great cast. The negative reviews are being dramatic imo. It’s not ground breaking, but it is entertaining.
  • I watched the new Lindsey Lohan Christmas romcom, Falling for Christmas, and it was just as cheesy and silly as I wanted.
  • And finally, I watched Single All the Way, which is a cheesy gay romcom that was unfortunately terrible and not in a good way. Like it wasn’t horrible, but I also don’t necessarily recommend it.

Blog posts

Other news and highlights

  • December was pretty good!
  • My partner and I decorated my family’s Christmas tree the first week of December. She’s huge and named Bertha and maybe the most perfect tree we’ve ever had.
  • My family went to a family friend’s Christmas party and had a great time! There was lots of free food and alcohol and it was a very nice evening.
  • The next weekend, we went to my partner’s family’s Christmas party, which was also fun! We ate a lot of food and played JackBox games. My partner and I slept over and had a great, chill weekend.
  • I had a couple very chill Christmassy evenings to myself where I wrapped presents and watched movies or made cookies, and those were great.
  • I also decorated cookies with my sister and her friend one night, which was great!
  • And then I had a really great Christmas! My boyfriend and I celebrated together on the 23rd, and the with our families on the 24th and 25th, and then I saw his family on the 26th. My family had a chill Christmas — we watched Home Alone on Christmas Eve, we played a couple of board games on Christmas, and did a virtual escape room. I also got some great gifts, and everyone loved the things I got them, so win overall!

Anyhow, how was your December? What have you been up to? What’s been the most engaging thing you’ve read recently? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

Ally xx

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