Some book covers I love for books I’m not interested in reading

Hello friends, happy Friday!

This week, I’m feeling a little lazy tbh. I don’t have any draft posts finished, and I don’t have any original ideas for blog posts at the moment. I’ve been in a bit of a reading and blogging slump lately, so expect some lazy posts lol.

But anyway, this week I’m doing a lazy book cover-related post. Today we’re going to talk about some covers for books I’m not interested in reading. Book covers and titles are the main thing that will pull me into reading a book. But sometimes, even pretty book covers can’t pull me in. So here are some covers that I love, but, for one reason or another, am not interested in reading.

So there are the covers! They’re all SO GORGEOUS, but unfortunately, sound boring to me. So I’ll just look longingly at them in this post, instead.

Are there any covers you love for books you’re not interested in reading? Let me know!

Ally xx

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17 thoughts on “Some book covers I love for books I’m not interested in reading

    1. That’s why I started this post initially! I would add books where I liked the cover to my TBR, but then wouldn’t want to read them. But now I have them collected here, so I can look at them whenever I want!


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