How I decide what books to buy

Hello, friends and fellow book lovers! I just wanted to start by saying sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. School has been super busy, and I honestly just haven’t wanted to write blog posts, so I didn’t. Most semesters, I have at least one class where I can slack a little on the readings, but not this semester. I find myself lost in most of my classes if I don’t do the reading beforehand, and a lot of them have a lot of readings (@ my evidence profs). So I might be a little more absent over here for the next few weeks.

That being said, I have a few posts that I want to write over the next few weeks, so hopefully we’ll have some consistent posts!

Today on my blog, I thought it would be fun to talk about how I decide what books to buy. Obviously, there are dozens of books I want to read, and of those, there are quite a few that I want to buy and own as either physical or ebooks.

I know deciding what books to buy can be a classic dilemma, so I thought I would talk about my decision-making process, and maybe you’ll get some inspiration from it!

In classic me fashion, and to further procrastinate starting my tax law assignment, I made a flowchart.

Step 1: is the book a book either (a) I’ll likely reread or (b) someone else in my family would read?

If yes, do I like the cover?

  • If I like the cover, I add it to my physical wish list
  • If I don’t like the cover, I add it to my ebook wish list

If no, does the library have a copy?

  • If yes, read the library copy

If the library does not have a copy, do I like the cover?

  • If I don’t like the cover, I add it to my ebook wish list

If I do like the cover, I ask: do I really like the cover?

  • If yes, I do really like the cover, I add it to my physical wish list
  • If no, I guess I don’t really like the cover, I add it to my ebook wish list

And there’s my thought process in deciding which books to buy! I often keep books on my physical wish list for a really long time to try and determine which books I definitely want to own physical copies of. And of course, I do buy books on a whim when I go into bookstores or if they’re on sale. Sometimes I get distracted by pretty things!

But what about you? Do you have a process for figuring out which books to buy? Is it similar to mine at all? Do you have any other steps or things you assess? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

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11 thoughts on “How I decide what books to buy

  1. Mine is similar, especially the bit about “will someone else in my family read it.” Mr. Wyrm started this year thinking he would try reading ebooks, but he hasn’t done great with that. So instead of being able to share ebook purchases like I thought we were going to be able to do, if we’re going to both read a book it has to be a physical book.

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  2. It’s so interesting that you take the book cover into account. I myself decide by browsing the sci-fi fantasy section, and if it’s interesting enough, I look it up on Goodreads and buy it if it’s rated 3.5 and up.

    Unique books that I like get insta-purchased though, like anything from Allie Brosh.

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