August reading plans (not a TBR)

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope all is well and you had a great weekend. Today I thought I would talk a bit about my August reading plans, because I’ve made some tentative plans. This is not a TBR because I don’t like TBRs because I’m stubborn and don’t like being told what to do, even by myself. But it’s rather just a guideline for what I want to read this month.

First thing’s first (I’m the realest): I need to stop getting ebooks from my library. Listen, I love my library. It has a great selection of ebooks and audiobooks, and it has so many of the books on my TBR. Which is great. HOWEVER. I will always put ebooks on hold at the library and then get a bunch of them and read exclusively ebooks for weeks, ignoring the looming pile of physical books I own.

Luckily, my library has this great feature (which most others probably do as well) where if a book you had on hold is released, you can choose to have it delivered later. So I can have a book delivered to me in a week, two weeks, three months, etc. And then if I change my mind, I can be put back at the top of the waitlist and get it as soon as the next person is finished. So I can put off books without losing my hold.

So for the month of August: I am going to be pushing off all library ebooks until after August, unless they were already pushed back. So any books that are newly released will be pushed until September. I can accept books I had previously pushed back, if I want to read them and can see myself reading them that week.

This library rule will hopefully force me to read some of the physical and ebooks I own. Importantly, I want to read a couple of categories of books.

Sequels: I have several sequels that I really want to read soon.

  • Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor
  • Check, Please! Volume 2: Sticks and Scones by Ngozi Ukazu
  • Unravel the Dusk by Elizabeth Lim

All of the first books of these series were 4.5 or 5 stars, and I’m really excited for the sequels. So I want to prioritize reading some of them this month. I’m hoping to read at least one of these sequels.

Owned, unread ebooks: I’ve never been the type of person to just buy Kindle ebooks because they’re on sale unless they’re books I absolutely want to read. I usually just buy the books when I want to read them. I don’t want to buy a bunch of ebooks and forget about them. But I have at least three ebooks that I haven’t read yet, and it’s kind of stressing me out lmao.

  • Felix Ever After by Kacen Callendar
  • The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
  • Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid (which was gifted to me by my friend Maia, thanks Maia!!!!!)

Again, I’m really excited for all of these books and really want to read them soon. So I’m hoping to read at least one of these this month as well!

2020 TBR books: I have four books left on my 2020 TBR.

  • The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill
  • Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? by Lorie Moore
  • Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
  • Self-Portrait with Boy by Rachel Lyon

I think I might safe Rebecca until the fall, but I want to read these ASAP! Luckily I own all of them, which makes life easier. So I also want to read at least one of these this month!

So those are my reading plans for this month! Overall, I’m hoping to read at least two physical books that I own and one ebook that I own. Hopefully I’ll read more, but this is the plan so far!

But anyway, but are your reading plans? Do you have any sequels you need to read soon? Have you read any of these? Which should I read first? Let me know!

Ally xx

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26 thoughts on “August reading plans (not a TBR)

  1. first off, I agree with you on TBRs. I like to go along the route of just having a giant 500+ book list but that’s not the best idea really!!! whoops :’) that’s such a nice feature of your library — mine doesn’t have that, unfortunately, but it’s so cool that you have that. it’s smart to push that off, though; i have a giant stack of physical books on my desk that i too keep putting off to read books on my kindle!!! I just see new & shiny and get distracted HAHAH.

    as for the sequels you want to read, I’ve only ever read one of them, but the one I did read — CROOKED KINGDOM — was so good!! i hope you read it ❤ SPIN THE DAWN was also relatively good, so I hope UNRAVEL THE DUSK is just as nice. as for the rest of your books, I’ve only heard good things about FELIX EVER AFTER. I hope you enjoy the books you read and that your August plans go smoothly ♥

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    1. YES I’m so glad you understand me about TBRs and the struggle of reading physical books! I also like having a very long list, but then it’s hard to keep track of sometimes.

      I’ve heard so many good things about Crooked Kingdom, so I’m so excited for it! And I loved Spin the Dawn, so hopefully the sequel is just as good!

      Thank you! 💕✨ I hope you enjoy all your August reads as well!


  2. Rebecca is definitely more of a fall read! i might do the same thing you’re doing for ebooks, i’ve also been heavily neglecting my physical books. some of my ebook holds are for WiT, so i’ll keep those as well as any by black authors (which i need to read more of), but i think i’ll push the rest to september. 🙂

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    1. I’m thinking of reading it in September or October, when we have more ~spooky~ vibes.

      Idk what it is about neglecting physical books! I generally enjoy reading physical books more than ebooks, but I always seem to push them off.

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  3. I struggle with sticking to a TBR too 🙂 I can’t really concentrate on longer e-books (I don’t have an e-reader so I use my phone and I always get distracted) but I do love getting audiobooks from my library too. I try to balance it out by listening to the audiobook and then making time before I go to bed to read a few chapters of a physical book. Good luck on your reads for this month!

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    1. Ahh so glad you understand the TBR struggle!

      YES I feel your pain!!!! I’m always checking how long chapters are, and if it’s longer than like 10 pages, I have no motivation to read it. And I also get distracted by other things on my phone lol

      Thank you! I hope your August reads are great, too! 💕

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  4. My reading plans are mostly to wing it because I have dreaded finals coming up. I will be trying to finish 3 prompts for thee 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge, though. It’s the one challenge I’m really trying for haha. Good luck with your plans!

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  5. I hope you will enjoy all the books you’re going to read in August! Crooked Kingdom is GREAT! It was a 4 star read for me (even if I really wanted it to be a 5 star read but oh well… it just didn’t feel like a 5 star read). Felix Ever After and The Black Flamingo are on my TBR too! Great post!

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