Tag Tuesday: the Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m doing the Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag. Thanks to Nicki @ The Secret Library for tagging me to do this fun tag! And shoutout to my sister for helping me with this tag, you da best.

I’m not sure where this tag originated from, but please let me know if you do! It was a lot of fun doing it πŸ™‚

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1. Find an author name or title with a Z in it


The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. My brother went through a bit of a zombie phase in highschool, so I think my parents got this for him for Christmas.

2. Find a classic


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. We have this lovely Penguin Edition, which I love.

3. Find a book with a key on it


Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. Funny story about this book: my friend Shadi got it for me for my birthday AGES ago, and then I bought it on Kindle not realising it was the same book. Sorry Shadi.

4. Find something on your bookshelf that is not a book


This little painting my parents got from France when they were there this summer. It’s so cute, I love it.

5. Find the oldest book on your shelf


I’m going to be totally honest, I didn’t go through and figure out which book is the oldest. But this copy of Alice in Wonderland looks the oldest.

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6. Find a book with a woman on it


Mother’s Daughter by Rona Maynard. I have never seen this book in my life.

7. Find a book that has an animal on it


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Phoenixes count as animals, right?

8. Find a book with a male protagonist


Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov. My friend Charlotte got this for me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

9. Find a book with only words on the cover


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le CarrΓ©. I still need to read this, so hopefully soon!

10. Find a book with illustrations in it


Ignore my weird dinosaur hand here. This is Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel, which everyone should go read if they haven’t yet.

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11. Find a book with gold lettering


The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. This is the book that my mom and I used to read from when we read Narnia when I was a kid.

12. Find a diary, true or fictional


A Prairie as Wide as the Sea: The Immigrant Diary of Ivy Weatherall from the Dear Canada books. I read so many of these books as a kid. I still don’t really know if they were real diaries or fictional? (I’m leaning to fictional)

13. Find a book written by an author with a common surname (like Smith)


The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. I feel like Turner is a fairly common last name. We did also have Wilbur Smith, but I thought Smith was a little too common.

14. Find a favourite childhood book


Divine Madness (CHERUB #5) by Robert Muchamore. I loved this series when I was younger, and this was my favourite of them.

15. Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period


Thanks to my sister for being the book holder for this picture. Again, this is kind of cheating, but this is the New York Times Front Pages since 1851, which my brother got for my mom for Mother’s Day recently. We definitely have books that go back farther than 1851, but this was the easiest for us to get lol

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16. Find a hardback book without a jacket


Brigands MC (CHERUB ???) by Robert Muchamore. CHERUB coming in clutch again.

17. Find a teal/turquoise coloured book


My copy of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is very pretty and blue.

18. Find a book with stars on it


The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman has some very pretty stars on it!

19. Find a non YA book


Misbehaving: the Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard H. Thaler. My parents are big economics nerds, so this is theirs.

20. Find a book with a beautiful cover


We all know how much I love the cover of Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, including my sister who went, “didn’t you buy this just because of the cover?”

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So there’s the tag! I’m not tagging anyone today, but if you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged and pingback to me so I can see your responses!

Thanks for reading xx

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