Tag Tuesday: Get To Know the Blogger Tag

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m doing a fun tag where you get to learn more about me and I also get to talk about books. Shoutout to fellow Canadian Siobhan for tagging me in this tag!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you!
  2. Link back and credit the original creator (GoodeyReads)
  3. Answer book questions about yourself.
  4. Answer the other questions about yourself.
  5. Change the last 5 questions when you tag someone else (if you want! – the more random the better)
  6. Tag at least 3 people.
  7. Have fun!

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A Book about Where You’re from (City, State, Country—Your Choice)


I actually have a book from the city I live in! 419 by Will Ferguson takes place in Calgary, Alberta, which is where I live. It even references specific roads I drive on, which is kind of cool. This book is about those spam emails you get and was super interesting. I don’t know if I’d recommend it, per se, but also I wouldn’t say not to read it if you’re interested.


If we want to get more specific, Stand in the Wind by Jean Little takes place in my best friend’s cottage, which is cool. I don’t think her family knows the author particularly well, or anything, so I don’t know how this came to be.

A Book about Your Favourite Non-Bookish Hobby


I used to horseback ride, so Rough Magic by Lara Prior Palmer! Follow me on twitter for occasional pictures of my horse, like this one! I haven’t decided if I want to read this one or not (I say as I add it to my Goodreads TBR), but I probably will because I am a #horsegirl.

A Book about a Fear of Yours

Any of the books on this specific Goodreads list I found, Popular Ants Books. I hate ants. They’re genuinely one of my biggest fears. They can fuck right off.

A Book about Something That Brings Your Joy

*me having an existential crisis about what brings me joy*


Okay I ended up going with Shanghai Girls by Lisa See because it is a book about sisters and sisterly love, and I love my sister and she brings me lots of joy.

A Book about Your Career/What You’re Studying in School


I’m currently in law school, so I went with Full Disclosure by Beverley McLachlin. McLachlin is the ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and one of my personal idols. I have yet to read this book, but I’ve heard it’s not amazing? Not bad but not the best, either. Honestly, though, some of her SCC decisions were amazingly written and I’d highly recommend them (lol).

What Job Would You Be Terrible Doing?

Oh god, a lot of things, probably. I’ll go with a waitress. I’m such a klutz and I have such a terrible memory. I’m so in awe of and have so much respect for waitresses.

What’s a Subject You Wish You Know More about?

Most things, honestly. Maybe computers. I’m hopeless with anything related to coding or html or anything computer-related. Binary doesn’t make sense to me. Computers don’t make sense to me. I’m just confused.

In Your Opinion, What Is the Best Day on the Calendar and Why?

I love Fridays and Saturdays. I guess I’ll go with Saturday because for the past 10ish years of my life, I’ve spent 95% of Saturday mornings at horseback riding. My mom and I used to go to Starbucks on our way home from riding, which was always perfect.

What is the Craziest Item You Spent Way Too Much on?

Remember how I said I horseback ride? Just about anything I spent (or my parents spent, I guess) for riding was the craziest thing. My riding boots (which are custom and the most beautiful boots ever) were $1,000.

What’s a Quirky Thing You Do?

Hmmmm I don’t generally thing of myself as very ~quirky~ but maybe rock climbing? I feel like that’s not really very quirky, but it’s also not super popular. My brother and I go fairly frequently when we’re in the same town, and I really love it.

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Once again, I’m feeling fairly lazy today so I’m not tagging anyone. But please let me know down below any of your answers to any of these questions! I’d love to know more about you. And thanks again to Siobhan for tagging me!

Thanks for reading! xx

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16 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Get To Know the Blogger Tag

  1. I think I might pick up this tag from you! I’m just starting to learn coding but I’d be more than happy to help if you ever need it! Have a good day!

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  2. Such a cute tag, Ally!! Those horseback riding sessions with your Mom on Saturday mornings, sounds like so much fun! And I think rock climbing is awesome! I’ve only ever done indoor, but I hope to try outdoor climbing at some point. My coding and HTML skills are terrible too. Computers don’t make sense to me lol.

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