Bookish things I have and have not changed my mind about

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a minute and a half since I did Top Five Wednesday, which you can find more about here! Over the summer, Sam (the host) is taking a break, so all the topics are throwback topics, which I’m really excited about tbh!

This week I decided to do a topic from not that long ago that I missed, bookish things I’ve changed my mind about. So I’m going to be talking about some things I’ve changed my mind about, BUT ALSO some things I haven’t! There are some things pertaining to books that I’ve always thought, and I wanted to talk about those, too.

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Bookish things I’ve changed my mind about

Movie adaptation book covers: I used to vehemently hate movie adaptation covers. And now, obviously they’re not my favourite, but honestly? I can’t bring myself to care. Also, some movie covers are gorgeous and adorable, and if they make people read, that’s all that really matters. As long as people are reading, why does it matter what the cover looks like?

Reading books that you’re “supposed to read” or “important books”: you know, most classics or books people read as kids. There are so many books everyone has read that I haven’t. And I used to try to read these books so I was ‘more educated’ or whatever, and it lead to me being in a massive reading slump. Now I just try to read whatever I want, or what sounds interesting. I still want to read most of those books, but I’ll read them when I feel like it.

Always reading the book before seeing the movie: I used to be SUPER. STRICT. about only watching a movie after I’d read the book. I speed-read The Perks of Being a Wallflower one night so I could see the movie with my friends the next day. Now, I honestly just can’t be bothered. If I want to watch a movie or TV show or something that’s based on a book, I’ll probably just watch it. Unless I know 100% that I want to read the book first. Otherwise, I’m not too bothered.

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Bookish things I haven’t changed my mind about

Ebooks have always been good, y’all just hate technology: this is a bit outdated, but I got my kindle nine years ago, when I was 14. And SO MANY people told me they weren’t real books, and it wasn’t actually reading because it was an ebook. But I’ve always been firmly on the “ebooks are real books” side of the debate.

Books are not sacred objects: I’m sorry, but they’re not. It’s okay if they get a bit of water damage. It’s okay if someone likes to mark-up their books. It’s okay if a page gets a little crumpled. Obviously you shouldn’t be damaging them on purpose, but I’m also not going to keep my books locked up and in pristine condition.

Stickers on books are not the devil: calm down. It’s just a sticker. If it bothers you so much, don’t buy the book. Life will go on, I promise.

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So! Those are some things I have and have not changed my mind about over the years! Are you similar for any of these? What’s something you’ve changed your mind about? Disagree with me for anything? Let me know!

Ally xx

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46 thoughts on “Bookish things I have and have not changed my mind about

  1. Books are definitely meant to be well-worn. I like my old books when they look like someone else read them a lot and liked them a lot. I even like notes, scribbles, names etc. in the books. To me, they bind us together over time

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    1. Same tbh!!! Going get it tattooed across my face just to spite people!

      And that’s such a pretty cover! Honestly, for me it just depends on the aesthetics of the cover. There are a lot of book covers that aren’t movie adaptation covers that are ugly, so maybe it’s not the movie’s fault?

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  2. I like this list! I think I’m still not a fan of book-movie adaption covers, but it’s true that books aren’t sacred objects- the amount of books me and my family have properly scuffed up are too numerous to count…

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    1. Thank you!! 💖

      That’s totally fair! There are some movie adaptation covers I’m definitely not a fan of, but there are some nice ones.

      And so glad you agree! Same! We have a ton of well-worn (and well-loved!) books


  3. I can go along with the books are not sacred objects argument – but only to a certain extent. I don’t care if my books have cracked spines though I know this is something that a number of reasons shudder at. I don’t really care if I have a book with a few turned down corners. if you buy them second hand, you should expect a bit of that. But what I can’t deal with are books that have really smelly yellow pages and stains – yuk…..

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  4. Ebooks and audiobooks are real books! I’ve maintained this idea for a long time, and I will fight anyone who tried to claim otherwise. 😉

    I used to hate movie adaptation book covers too, but you know what? You’re right. There are so many more important things to worry about. If a particular cover bugs me that much (movie adaptation or otherwise) I just won’t buy that edition.

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    1. Yes!!! They 👏 are 👏 books 👏👏👏

      Exactly! Some book covers are bad, and some of those happen to be movie adaptation covers, but a lot of them aren’t! If you don’t like the book cover, don’t buy that copy.

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      1. I have been known to hunt down book covers that I particularly like and pay extra for the privilege of matching covers. 😀

        This is one benefit of ebooks and audiobooks. I don’t care what the cover looks like. 😉

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      2. That’s one of the reasons I love ebooks and audiobooks! There are some books I want physical copies of, but there are others I don’t necessarily. So I generally get the ebook version of the latter (plus they’re often cheaper!)


      3. True, the ebooks are often cheaper. (Audiobooks not so much, which is why I decided to join Audible when I did.) There are multiple times where I’ve read either ebook or audiobook versions and then bought physical copies, though!

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  5. I like some movie covers for books as well! The first example that comes to my mind is Gone Girl lol.
    Ugh classics and “important reads” like that always put me in a slump too. It’s seriously not worth the trouble.
    And the speed reading to go see the movie is such a mood. I did the exact same thing with Ready Player One 😂

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    1. Right, some of them are so pretty! The one for Gone Girl is so cool, I love it.

      YES some of them are good, but honestly most of them just put me in a reading slump.

      LOL glad you relate! I still need to watch Ready Player One

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  6. I’m totally with you when it comes to movie tie-in covers. I used to hate them, but now I really don’t care. Sure, they always look a little off and usually the quality isn’t great, but that just means it’s a copy that I don’t mind when it gets beat up a bit. And if it gets someone new to pick up the book? Even better.

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  7. ebooks are definitely books. To say that they aren’t is like saying a song you listen to on Spotify isn’t the same as listening to a song from a CD. Which is stupid, because they’re both the same song.
    In terms of the watching a movie before reading the book, I actually tend to enjoy the movie more if I haven’t read the book. Otherwise there’s too much comparison about what was missed, if it was the right casting, etc…. the book is usually better, so you should enjoy the additional depth to the story after you watch the movie!

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    1. That’s such a good analogy!!!! Though I guess there are purists out there who also listen to only CD, but they don’t even really count lol

      Same sometimes! There have been some movies where I’m sure if I read the book beforehand, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie as much.

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  8. Hahaha, I loved reading this post so much, Ally! I adore e-books so much, and wouldn’t be able to get through life without my Kindle. I can’t stand it when people insist digital books aren’t real books. I don’t beat myself up over not reading classics and super popular books anymore either. There are so many books in the world, and if I don’t feel like reading one, oh well. Haha! I must disagree about the stickers though … they are the devil.

    Great post! ❤

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    1. Ahhh thank you, Kelly! 💖💖💖

      I love my Kindle so much, definitely the best gift ever!

      I’m so glad you agree about classics and such too! I guess we can agree to disagree about stickers 😉


  9. Ah this is such a fun idea for a post, I loved reading it so much!
    I think I’m getting a little less strict myself about the whole “reading the book before watching the movie” thing, too. I used to always, always need to read the book before, but now… well I can’t be bothered and, like you, if I want to watch the movie, I’ll watch it haha 🙂

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  10. Some of my fave book covers are actually the movie tie-in edition, I don’t know why people hate them so much! I’m glad people are being less snobby about what counts as reading – ebooks are amazing & they’ve helped me read so much more because I can always have a book with me wherever I go!

    💛 Ngoc

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  11. OKAY I AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE!!! and I got my Kindle when I was 12 and it transformed reading for me into so much more of a comfortable experience where I could lie down in my bed and read, which never would be possible with a physical book. theyre also so much cheaper and because I read so much on my Kindle I actually began to prefer it, but now I’m at the stage where I can enjoy both! 🙂

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