Discussion: the types of book reviewers

AKA calling out all of us, myself included

So if you read enough book reviews (which you probably do), you might notice that there are different types of book reviewers. I thought it would be funny to talk about these types of reviewers, in a fun, lighthearted way.

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Too nice

  • Doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
  • Barring blatant, morally wrong messages, will rate even their most-loathed book at least 2 stars
  • “I didn’t enjoy the plot, had a hard time getting into it, the writing was just okay, and didn’t like the characters. Three stars.”
  • “I had no complaints even though this was fairly mediocre. Five stars.”

Critical and doesn’t care

  • Has high expectations, knows it, and isn’t afraid to say when a book doesn’t meet their expectations
  • Will drag your faves and will not apologize for it
  • Is almost always critical but almost always in a constructive way
  • If they love a book, it’s probably good
  • “This book was a solid fine. It didn’t blow me away, but there wasn’t anything majorly wrong with it either. Three stars.”
  • “I thought the plot was brilliant, but didn’t like the characters and the writing was annoying. One star.”

Easy to please (aka calling out myself)

  • Is easily distracted by good writing
  • Only notices major issues when they’re pointed out by other reviews
  • Every book is rated 4.5 stars though because it didn’t “feel” like a five-star book
  • “I thought the plot was boring and the characters were just okay, but I loved the writing. Four and a half stars.”

The friendly reviewer

  • Starts every review with “Friends, I loved this book” or “Friends, please don’t hate me, but…”
  • Will drag your favourite book if they didn’t like it, but will do it nicely
  • Honestly, even when they hate a book, it will be worded in the nicest way possible
  • Will still probably rate that book 2 stars
  • If they love a book, it’s just 600 words of them gushing non-stop about everything

Doesn’t really have much to say

  • Reviews are 300 words, max.
  • Probably organizes the post into categories and spends three sentences talking about each category
  • Even when they hated or loved a book, the review is generally short

The thorough reviewer

  • Reviews are 700 words, minimum
  • Organizes the review into categories, but talks about every category extensively
  • Reviews read like a book report

Only provides a summary

  • Provides the Goodreads summary for a book, AND spends 90% of the review summarizing the plot
  • Has two lines, maybe, about their thoughts
  • Also likely to be a concise or too nice reviewer
  • Also highly likely to be a middle-aged mom (I don’t make the rules)

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So those are the types of reviewers I came up with! TAG YOURSELF, I’M EASY TO PLEASE

Are there any other type of reviewers you’ve noticed? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

103 thoughts on “Discussion: the types of book reviewers

  1. What a cute idea! As a reviewer, there’s no way to read this without smiling or even laughing.
    I find myself “thinking” critical, like the best thing about that book was getting to the end and closing it! But I probably write “too nice.” A book is an author’s baby. I wouldn’t tell a new Mom to her face that her baby looks ugly. Yeah, I always hate to rate less than two stars.
    Thanks again for this wonderful post! I absolutely loved it. And like someone above said, it’s pretty hard not to fit a little bit into each category. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad it was entertaining! 💖

      LOL I get that about some books, where I just want to finish it and be done with. And same, I rarely rate books less than two stars, unless it was offensive or had some major issues I couldn’t look past.

      Thank you so much! 💖

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m the closest to the thorough reviewer but with a pinch of easy to please that is less and less visible the more I read and review, I think? This is such a great post to make us think of all the various ways of reviewing! And what we expect from reviews as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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