Discussion: the types of book reviewers

AKA calling out all of us, myself included

So if you read enough book reviews (which you probably do), you might notice that there are different types of book reviewers. I thought it would be funny to talk about these types of reviewers, in a fun, lighthearted way.

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Too nice

  • Doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
  • Barring blatant, morally wrong messages, will rate even their most-loathed book at least 2 stars
  • “I didn’t enjoy the plot, had a hard time getting into it, the writing was just okay, and didn’t like the characters. Three stars.”
  • “I had no complaints even though this was fairly mediocre. Five stars.”

Critical and doesn’t care

  • Has high expectations, knows it, and isn’t afraid to say when a book doesn’t meet their expectations
  • Will drag your faves and will not apologize for it
  • Is almost always critical but almost always in a constructive way
  • If they love a book, it’s probably good
  • “This book was a solid fine. It didn’t blow me away, but there wasn’t anything majorly wrong with it either. Three stars.”
  • “I thought the plot was brilliant, but didn’t like the characters and the writing was annoying. One star.”

Easy to please (aka calling out myself)

  • Is easily distracted by good writing
  • Only notices major issues when they’re pointed out by other reviews
  • Every book is rated 4.5 stars though because it didn’t “feel” like a five-star book
  • “I thought the plot was boring and the characters were just okay, but I loved the writing. Four and a half stars.”

The friendly reviewer

  • Starts every review with “Friends, I loved this book” or “Friends, please don’t hate me, but…”
  • Will drag your favourite book if they didn’t like it, but will do it nicely
  • Honestly, even when they hate a book, it will be worded in the nicest way possible
  • Will still probably rate that book 2 stars
  • If they love a book, it’s just 600 words of them gushing non-stop about everything

Doesn’t really have much to say

  • Reviews are 300 words, max.
  • Probably organizes the post into categories and spends three sentences talking about each category
  • Even when they hated or loved a book, the review is generally short

The thorough reviewer

  • Reviews are 700 words, minimum
  • Organizes the review into categories, but talks about every category extensively
  • Reviews read like a book report

Only provides a summary

  • Provides the Goodreads summary for a book, AND spends 90% of the review summarizing the plot
  • Has two lines, maybe, about their thoughts
  • Also likely to be a concise or too nice reviewer
  • Also highly likely to be a middle-aged mom (I don’t make the rules)

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So those are the types of reviewers I came up with! TAG YOURSELF, I’M EASY TO PLEASE

Are there any other type of reviewers you’ve noticed? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

103 thoughts on “Discussion: the types of book reviewers

  1. Haha this was nice..!! I guess I fall somewhere between too nice and easy to please… But unlike you, I get distracted by good characters and don’t bother about writing 😂😂😂

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  2. I loved this post! It was creative and unique! 💕

    I think I’m somewhere between Critical and Easy to Please… Like I tend to rate books highly and even if I didn’t enjoy the book all too much, I will still rate it 3 stars.

    But I’m really critical over certain things. Like hyped books for example… if I find something wrong with them, I’m typing a giant essay about all my problems with it (I’m particularly talking about my Strange the Dreamer review and Queen of Air and Darkness review)…

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  3. LOL, fun post! I’m close to the Easy to Please reviewer, but I’m also a bit hit-and-miss. Sometimes if I don’t like a book I just won’t review it. Hmm, I do usually put at least a sentence or two on Goodreads, though, so I guess I’m a blend of Easy to Please and EXTREME Doesn’t really have much to say. 😀

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  4. I’m the critical one, I think!
    I would point out that word count of a review has no bearing on whether it’s a decent review or not – my reviews may be short but they are to the point! And a long review is not necessarily a thorough one, it might just be rambling 😉

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  5. Haha I think I might be a mix of doesn’t have much to say, too nice, and critical and doesn’t care! My reviews are short, I don’t like a lot of popular books, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings! 😂

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  6. Ahaha this is excellent and so accurate, especially the book bloggers whose reviews literally just recycle the plot! I think I’m the same as you, or perhaps a too-nice blogger (but then I only pick books I think I’ll enjoy anyway haha). Great post 🙂

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  7. I LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH!! It is so creative and made me laugh!!
    I think I am the thorough reviewer because long post alert!!! And easy to please as well– I always am saying it didn’t feel like a 5 star but it was really good!! 😂😂
    This was a brilliant post– thank you for writing it!! ❤

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  8. I’m too nice 😅Although if I don’t like something I just don’t write about it. would rather be upfront with the publisher/author about not being able to review than leave a negative review. Which I know, does sometimes defeat the purpose of reviewing… What can I say, we’re all works in progress.

    Great post!!

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  9. HI there!! I LOVE this post! and so on point on how I write my reviews! The one I fit the best is the Only provides a summary description… lol I AM a middle aged mom, I DO use the summary, and I also only write one or two lines about what I thought about the book! And I hate to give bad reviews, so I’ll most likely say the book wasn’t for me or something along those lines. Great Job!! 🙂

    P.S can I share the link to this post on my blog??

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  10. This is such a fabulous post! I’m mainly The Friendly Reviewer (though i never start with the word friends) and sometimes veer into Easy to Please, only realising the huge plot holes when others point them out, or Critical.
    I don’t do many 1 – 3 star reviews any more because I rarely take a chance on unknown authors, however even some of my favourite writers will get a 3 every now and then.

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  11. Ah, yes. The “reviews” that are really just summaries. However, I think a lot of people genuinely don’t understand the difference between summary and review. And, honestly, I think a lot of that comes, in the U.S. anyway, from English courses were students are just tested on comprehension of texts. If you can fill out a multiple choice test on what happened, you’re “good at English.” You don’t even need to analyze anything.

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    1. You’re so right!! Most multiple choice reading comprehension tests are just plot or very basic analysis. When I was in high school, we had to do essays analyzing our readings, so I feel like that helped. But I also didn’t go to high school in the States.


  12. Ah, I loved this post. It made me laugh so hard, trying to figure out where I fit into this whole mess. XD Is it actually possible to be a mix of critical and doesn’t care but also friendly? Because I feel like that’s me. I mean, if I don’t like a book, I’m not going to shy away from it, and I’ll state exactly what didn’t work for me, but also who it might work for. Probably because I do have high expectations, and I fully recognize how picky I am lol. But at the same time, I try to word things nicely and I will 100% spend forever gushing about a book I loved. Great post!

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  13. I’m a bundle of doesn’t say too much and easy to please. Sometimes maybe even too nice. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ haha. To be honest, I don’t like the only provides a summary review. It’s just not for me. (There’s me being too nice again).

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  14. I am laughing so hard at this post, Ally! I was like “wow okay overly critical be me lol” until I saw FRIENDLY REVIEWER and was like oh lord look, it’s me lolol. I value negative reviews and always will write them, but I do toil to make sure it is constructive and polite in case the author happens upon it.

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  15. Great post, Ally! Love it. I’m kind of somewhere between Friendly and Doesn’t Have Much to Say. Hee. Ultimately, if I hate a book, I just won’t review it. But love to spread the word about books I love. Looking forward to your next post. Cheers.

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    1. Thank you, Karen!

      And same most of the time! If I have a lot to say, I review it. But sometimes it’s just “I didn’t like this”. But same about spreading the love for my favourite books!

      Thank you!


  16. Lovely post! 💖
    Most of the time, I’m a mix of “too nice-friendly-easy to please-doesn’t have much to say” 😂😂 and sometimes I’m on the side of “critical and doesn’t care” though the lowest rating that I gave was 2, SO FAR— specifically if the characters are sooo annoying 😒😂

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  17. That´s a nice and honest post nice job. I´m new as a Book reviewer and I didn´t know there where so many different kind of people. I still don´t know what I am but some of them are really near.

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  18. I am definitely the Friendly Reviewer. I actually say I won’t leave a public review unless it’s 3-stars, and I’ll privately tell the author what was wrong. 😀

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      1. It’s common courtesy 😂 I would want someone to privately message me about my writing, so I try to do the same courtesy 😊

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