My favourite spam comments

Hi friends! Normally on Tuesdays, I do either TTT or T5T or Tag Tuesday. But I’m in the middle of finals right now (when I’m typing this, I should be studying for my contracts final, and when you’re reading this, I’ll be studying for my final final of first year!), so I don’t have a ton of time to write a post.

LUCKILY I’ve been collecting my favourite spam comments recently. Honestly, looking at spam comments is one of the best things about having a blog. They’re so weird. So here are some of my favourites I’ve collected recently.

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African countries

happy for you
I’m happy you’re blessed in the basket and blessed in everything else.

I try where possible my man
Honestly, I try, my man.

I'm happy for your sister
I’m so happy for your sister, thank you for the shout out from Dallas Texas (say hi to Tyler Seguin for me pls) and also appreciate the link to Fox News at the end.

ice cold smoothie
What could be better?

late stage capitalism is the enemy
This comment is telling me that late-stage capitalism is the enemy.

You are so welcome, I’m so glad your co-worker could finish his research into the books I wanted to read before the end of 2018.

oh I'm so sorry
Apparently I’m doing this blog thing wrong.

okay thanks
Again, late-stage capitalism is the enemy.

Honestly, this one just came for me. idk what I did to deserve this.

I’m only including this because I’ve gotten this exact comment probably 30 times. Also the contact page and follow button are very obvious on my blog.

Thanks for the tip
Is this Bobby Berk and/or Marie Kondo?

Life advice.

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So there we have it. Thank you to all the spammers, keep it up. IΒ will be taking this advice to heart. Have you gotten any fun spam comments? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

19 thoughts on “My favourite spam comments

  1. WOW. I’m also super glad that guy got lunch bought for him for sharing your post on books you want to read in 2018. It must have been really hard for his colleague to undertake the research until you posted that list!!

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