Top Ten Tuesday April 2: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

It has been a minute and a half since I did a Top Ten Tuesday, which you can learn more about here! Today the topic is Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book. There are a lot of things that will draw me to a book, and I think it’s fun to see what things you’re interested in.

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Asian history: I’ve always loved learning about Asian history, particularly China, Japan, and Korea. Last year, I think about 25% of the books I read were somehow related to the topic of Asian history. I just think those countries had such rich cultures that we don’t really have in the west, and I love learning about them.

Heists or spies: I always wanted to be a spy as a kid, so any book that involves spies is almost automatically added to my TBR. I also love heists. I would love to read a book about an art heist, if anyone knows of any.

Cults: I just find cults so interesting!!!!!! I want to read all the books about people growing up in cults or leaving cults or researching cults. Please give me any recommendations you have.

Kidnappings: morbid, I know, but I’ve always been interested in kidnappings. I think it’s the psychology behind kidnappings, but idk. Any books involving kidnappings are also pretty quickly added to my TBR.

“Feminist” as a descriptor word: if “feminist” is used to describe a book, I’ll probably look into it. I feel like feminist has recently become a bit of a buzzword, and anything with a strong! female! lead! is toted as a feminist novel, which isn’t always true. But if reviews consistently say it is, then I’ll probably look into it.

Interesting titles and covers: I feel like everyone is drawn to interesting titles and covers, so I’m definitely not special for this one. But I love interesting titles, and pretty covers. What can I say, I love the #aesthetic

Interesting settings: settings are one of my favourite parts of a book, so if there’s an interesting setting, I will probably read it.

Boarding school: similar to interesting settings, I love reading about boarding school. Idk I’ve just always been fascinated by it.

Memoirs from regular people: I didn’t really know how to phrase this one, but basically I like memoirs that are not celebrity memoirs. Books written by normal people who experienced different things, like the Glass Castle or Educated.

Reviews from people I trust: there are some people who, if they rate a book 5 stars, I will almost always add it to my TBR if I think it sounds interesting. I don’t always end up reading them, and sometimes I lose interest after a while, but I am definitely drawn to them initially.

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So those are some things that make me interested in books! Do you have any of the same ones? Are there any different ones? Do you have any recommendations for any books in any of these categories? Let me know!

Ally xx

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday April 2: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. Thoses are nices ones !
    the only one we share is the interresting cover & title.. I honestly can’t think of what usually drawn me into a book right now xD probably the mentions of any mental health issues, having anxiety myself..

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  2. I am so fascinated by cults!! I have a few on my TBR that are coming out this year. The Virtue of Sin by Shannon Schuren and The Liar’s Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson. There’s probably more but these two caught my eye.

    If I see feminist in the description I will immediately want to read it.

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    1. Thank you!!!

      I would definitely recommend Ally Carter! She writes YA spy books that are great! And the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. They’re very bad and trashy but in a good way? They remind me of action movies

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      1. Thanks so much! I’ve read the first book of the Embassy Row series and really liked it. I really want to read more of her books, especially the Gallagher Girls series. Ooo, the Cherub series sounds awesome! A recommendation came into my head for you just now. You might like the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger. They’re really fun! They’re steampunk/spy school. The writing is fantastic. Thanks again!

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  3. I haven’t read many books about boarding schools but it’s one of my favourite things to read about!!! I’d love to read more books about cults. I read After the Fire which was amazing and now desperately want to discover more cult books after that one!

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  4. I also like memoirs by ordinary people! You would probably like Priestdaddy if you haven’t read it yet. I picked it up for a book club expecting to dislike it, but really enjoyed it.

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