March wrap-up

HOW is March over? To me, it felt like it dragged but also went by so quickly, you know?

Books Read

None 😦 I haven’t made any headway on The Secret History, and I was too busy to read this month.

Reviews posted

Book review: the Power: 3.5 stars, rounded to 4

Book reviews: Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy: 4.5 stars, rounded to 5

Mini review: Broken Things: 3.5 stars, rounded to 3

Recommendations given

Recommendations for… feminist fiction books // Recommendations for… books where you’ll learn something

Other bookish posts

Discussion: movies that would make good books // Books with the best (in my opinion) writing // Looking at my blog’s search terms



From around the internet

I don’t have any this month, sorry!! I’ve been too busy. I actually did read a couple articles this month, I just can’t find them at the moment.

Other news and highlights

  • It was my birthday at the beginning of the month! Some of my friends bought me a cake and then some of my other friends and I went out to dinner.
  • Our school hosted a ball for the first years, and I went with a bunch of my friends and it was a lot of fun! I got to wear a pretty dress and dress up all fancy, so it was a good time.
  • Our school also hosted Career Day and I got to talk to the loveliest lawyers ever.
  • I made new blog headings! I just wanted to change things up. I think they’re really pretty, if I do say so myself.
  • One of my friend’s hosted a Jeopardy night, and it was actually a lot of fun!
  • I went and saw the Toronto Maple Leafs play live!!!! They lost but it was still fun!!!
  • Lisa See saw my book reviews of her books and retweeted them  😭😭😭

How was your March? Let me know!!


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2 thoughts on “March wrap-up

  1. You seem to have been busy in a fun way, yay! That ball looks great, I celebrated a friends 20th birthday and it was a lot of fun, the first time I liked going out to a club dancing afterwards (usually I like to just be with friends)

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