Looking at my blog’s search terms

Hi everyone! I wasn’t going to post today, but I recently was given the idea to look at my blog’s search terms by Kaleena, and it was too funny not to share. This isn’t my usual content, but it’s my blog so I choose what we talk about.

SO today we’re going to be looking at some of the things people have searched on my blog (if you want to do this too, it’s under “stats”!).

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who cheated on who in the book one of us is lying: I posted a review for One of Us is Lying almost two years ago now and I definitely did not talk about who cheats on who. This person must have been desperate to find the answer if they some how came to my review of it.

Someone also searched “feedback on one of usare lying” so hopefully my review was more useful for that person. Yet another person searched “one of us is lying similar book” so I guess I have to recommend books based on that book now.

before i fall compare and contrast between book and movie: I did post a book vs. movie for Before I Fall (also two years ago) that got a whopping one like. Rereading it is pretty painful, but also I still stand by what I said. I hope this searcher got what they wanted.

how does mutt die in the dog who wouldnt be: honestly this is a fair question because Farley Mowat basically just goes “and then he died, it was sad, the end”. But my review for The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be was written almost three years ago (it got zero likes). Sorry to the person who searched this, I feel like your question wasn’t answered.

what is a positive and negative things about the book little fires everywhere: this is clearly someone trying to get me to do their homework for them. My review for this book was overwhelmingly positive, so I didn’t really answer the second part of their homework for them. Sorry!

spoiled rich kid chris mccandless: LMAOOOOO I’m sorry this is so funny. Chris McCandless is the guy from Into the Wild, which I posted a Book vs. Movie about. To be fair, I do call McCandless a “spoiled rich white kid who was trying to survive in the wild with minimal experience”, so this search term is fair.

yoplait save lids save lives breast cancer: amazing. I once wrote a post about Breast Cancer Awareness and Think Before You Pink, and I talk about the Yoplait Save Lids Save Lives campaign in that post. But why someone would search that and somehow get to my blog????? amazing.

(someone also search pink thinhs for october breast awareness, so I guess this was a popular post?)

recommendations of books for.people who liked foght club: I mean, I talk enough about Fight Club that I probably should’ve done a recommendations post by now. Sorry to this searcher. Guess I have two books I have to give recommendations for.

Two people searched “7 husbands of evelyn hugo ending” and “critique of the seven husbands of evelyn hugo“, so I hope my review was helpful!

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So those were some of the most entertaining search terms on my blog. Have you ever looked at your search terms? Please do and let me know what they were!

Thanks for reading! xx

15 thoughts on “Looking at my blog’s search terms

  1. Ohh I’m DEF stealing this, I love looking at my search terms! Also I’m yelling at the Christopher McCandless search but yeah, your description of him was pretty apt.

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