#TBT: books I loved in high school

Today I thought I’d do a bit of a throwback post. I’m going to talk about some of the books that I loved in high school. I feel like I don’t talk about a lot of these books as much as they deserve, and wanted to gush about some of my old favourites.

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was total Hunger Games TRASH and you know what? I recently revisited it and it’s GREAT OKAY. Honestly, the first book is so good. It’s a WOC who starts a rebellion against her oppressive government. And in the second book, the rebellion is mainly sparked by the death of a black girl. AND it deals with PTSD and it’s honestly so good and I’m so sorry that we in the book world have forgotten about it, and that Hollywood did what it does best (erase POC, disability, and mental illness).

Legend by Marie Lu

I don’t have as passionate feelings as I did for THG, but honestly I love Legend and think (given Marie Lu wrote it when she was like 16 or something) it’s so good. Again, it’s about teenage rebellion and taking down corrupt governments. Is this a theme I like? Yes, obviously, it is always good.

Beastly by Alex Flinn

I am trash and will admit that and I love this book. This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and I highly recommend it if you want some fluffy high school romance. ALSO the movie was l i t e r a l t r a s h and is maybe the worst book-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever seen in my life. Like, truly the worst.

Anna and the French Kiss by Anna Perkins

same as above. sorry.

Poison Study by Maria V Snyder

AGAIN there is so much good in this book. The main character has PTSD and decides she’s not going to live as the damsel in distress and is so great and badass. And it’s so sweet and good. I love it. The romance, the friendships, the characters. Everything about it is perfection, don’t @ me.

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So those are some books I read and loved in high school! What were some of your favourites? Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts? Let me know!!

Ally xx

18 thoughts on “#TBT: books I loved in high school

  1. I really enjoyed Hunger Games and Poison Study, but haven’t read the others. As for my own High School favorites, they included Anne McCaffrey’s Talents series (which was new at the time) and The Lord of the Rings.

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      1. LOTR is good, but I think The Hobbit is better. Also, you can get most of LOTR from the movies, they did a really good job (even though not perfect) with the movies.

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