Top Ten Tuesday February 19: Books I Loved with Fewer than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

It has been a minute and a half since I did a Top Ten Tuesday, which you can learn more about here! Today the topic is Books I Loved with Fewer than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads. This is such a great topic, and I’m so excited to do it!

The Measure of my Powers by Jackie Kai Ellis: 536 ratings

I actually won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, which being honest is probably the only reason I read it. However, I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. It’s also physically beautiful and has pretty pictures, so I think it would be a good gift book.

My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time by Liz Jensen: 625 ratings

This book is about a time-travelling prostitute and is honestly great? Would recommend.

Zigzag by Ellen Wittlinger: 672 ratings

This is a road trip book and I haven’t read it in maybe 10 years, but I remember enjoying it! I still remember parts of it now, which is always a good thing.

Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang: 960 ratings

I read this anthology just last year and loved it so much!!! The titular novella is amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Haters by Alisa Valdes: 1,154 ratings

My best friend and I read this book when we were like 13 and thought it was so good. And I’ve reread it a couple times, but not for a while. But I remember loving it. It’s a lot of fun and has a cool setting.

Exit the Actress by Priya Parmar: 1,486 ratings

This is a historical fiction about an actress in England, and I love it. I think it was probably the first real historical fiction book I read, so I have a bit of a soft spot for it. But I recently reread it, and it’s just as fun.

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor by Jaclyn Moriarty: 1,587 ratings

This book is so underrated!!! It’s so interesting and weird and I love it. Also it has the line “be alert. The world needs more lerts” which is, if you ask me, hilarious.

So those are some underrated books I love and recommend! Have you read any of these? Do you plan to? Let me know!!!

Ally xx

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