2018 Goals wrap-up

Last year, I set some goals for this year. I did a check up at some point in the summer, which you can read here and where I put some updated goals. So today I thought I’d go through and see how I did achieving those goals.

Reading goals

  • Read 20 new books Read 30 books: I was so close!! I managed to finish 28 books in 2018, which I’m super happy about!
  • Read 2 non-fiction books: done!! I read five non-fiction books!
  • Read more books from my TBR: I think I did a pretty good job at this. Of the ones I read, I bought eight and the rest I had prior to 2018. So pretty good I think!
  • Read more diverse books: I read twelve books by POC, so almost half! I would also count at least 13 of them as “diverse”, meaning they weren’t all straight/white characters. So I can definitely do better, but I also think that’s not bad.

Blog goals

  • Post at least two reviews a month: I did this for almost every month, and the month I didn’t do it was because I had other exciting posts. so success!
  • Get to 400 followers Reach 800 followers: I did!! Thank you all so much! ❤
  • Get more into book photography: well, I didn’t start a bookstagram, but I did take more book pictures? So we’ll count this as a maybe?

General life goals

  • Go for one run per week: major failure, which I expected tbh. But what can I say.
  • Get an A on my thesis: I did!!!!!!!!!
  • Read more opinion pieces: also a success!! I’ve been reading a ton of news articles and op-eds and general articles and such.
  • Publish an article as the first author: I did!!! 😭😭😭
  • Go on a road trip with friends: this did not happen. Sigh.
  • Finish undergrad: I??? graduated undergrad??? I have letters after my name???
  • Get coffee with friends at least once a month: I don’t really know how to say whether this was successful or not. I did something with friends every month, which I’d count as a success.
  • See my friends whenever I’m in town: so I’ve only been back in town once (while I’m writing this) and I’ve seen my best friend and have plans to see my other friends.
  • Get along with my roommates: success!! They’re honestly so great, I’m so happy.

So overall, I’d say I was pretty successful. Thank you everyone for your support throughout the year ❤

Ally xx

21 thoughts on “2018 Goals wrap-up

  1. Wow… what an inspiration! You are so productive this year. There ya go girl! You are the champ!

    Hold fast, reach in;
    Draw near, reach up;
    Consider, reach out.

    Hope you have a blessed 2019! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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