Discussion: really specific tropes that I don’t like

AKA me just being petty and ranting about minor things

Today’s post is a bit of a mini discussion! Today we’re going to be talking about really specific tropes in books and movies and TV shows that bug me. I don’t even really think these could be considered tropes. They’re more just things that happen every so often but often enough that they bug me. Sometimes I just want to complain about petty, unimportant things, you feel?

The artist who wears black with turquoise and silver jewellery

Please tell me I’m not the only person who’s noticed this. Literally any artistic woman in a YA novel is described as wearing black (usually with boots) and silver jewellery with turquoise. Always!!!!! Why!!! Is that what artists wear???? If I wear all black with turquoise and silver jewellery, will people assume I’m an artist??? Can any artists confirm?

When characters casually play music and sing along

I don’t mean like they play music in the car and sing along, or they’re at a party and sing along, because most people do that. But when a character is in their room and they casually play a song and start singing along. No one does that.

Like, recently in Sierra Burgess (this is only one of the issues I have with it), Sierra plays music around Veronica while they’re studying and starts singing along and Veronica is like “omg you’re amazing.” But like, no one actually does that. No one (especially someone with anxiety) would just randomly start singing when other people are around. Like ?????????

I recently read a fanfic where the main character was like “yeah I sing when I get anxious” but she was like singing (like full-on singing) in the garden of this major party and like, no one with anxiety would ever do that because the reaction of most people wouldn’t be “omg you’re amazing,” it would be “wtf why is that random person singing” or “please stop singing in public” or “pls don’t show-off.” I just!! don’t!!! understand!!!

Bonus: “this silly “sexual attraction” thing people keep bullshitting me about” — my asexual friend, when I asked her what ultra-specific trope bugged her.

So there are the two ultra-specific tropes that bug me in books and such. Have you noticed any of these? Are there any that bug you? If you’re an artist, can you confirm that you always wear black with silver and turquoise jewellery?

Thanks for reading! xxx

13 thoughts on “Discussion: really specific tropes that I don’t like

  1. Good post! You weren’t kidding about being really specific, I’m sure I have tropes like that, but none come to mind immediately. I’ve been the *only* friend in every friendgroup that can’t sing btw, and they will go into full-blown song, trying to outdo each other with some humour and a dash of competiveness.

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  2. Um. I think it’s because I’m involved in community theatre and therefore am around of a lot of musical theatre people, but my friends will randomly start singing along with just about anything. Including something they made up on the spot. But I do recognize that (a) we’re weird, and (b) these are people who DON’T have major anxiety issues.

    I can’t go into the turquoise jewelry thing from an artist’s perspective, but I will agree that it crops up more often than it seems like it should in books. Turquoise jewelry (with or without the black clothing) seems to be the novelists’ mark of an artist. Kinda weird and annoying.

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    1. Definitely a theatre kind of thing haha. I knew some people like that too, and it’s definitely less weird in a group (at least you’re not usually the only one singing haha)

      Right??? So glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed!! It’s always turquoise jewelry haha


      1. ALWAYS turquoise jewelry. Which is annoying, because (I now realize) it has made me shy away from that stone because of the fictional connotations even though I used to like it a lot more.

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  3. I can confirm that the artist thing might just be true, my artist friend’s favourite colour is turquoise and has a lot of jewellery in that colour. But she doesn’t wear black… I don’t know, I guess they were stereotyping and going with emo aesthetics? But that in itself doesn’t make a lot of sense that artists = emo. 🤷‍♀️

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