Top Ten Tuesday October 2: authors I’d love to meet

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Learn more about Top Ten Tuesday here! Two weeks in a row with Top Ten Tuesday posts! Wooooo!! This week is Authors I’d love to meet and I’m so excited to talk about this topic!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I really enjoy Adichie’s work and think she has some amazing things to say about feminism. That being said, most of her work is super introductory and not very intersectional, and she’s said some transphobic things before. So I’d love to meet her and have a more in-depth conversation about feminism and intersectionalism.

Celeste Ng

I follow Celeste Ng on Twitter and she’s always so insightful. I agree with almost everything she says, and I really enjoyed her book. I’d just love to meet with her and talk with her.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is one of my all-time favourite authors and I’d love to meet him. I think he has a super interesting mind and it’d be really cool to talk with him. Also he’s married to Amanda Palmer, who I also love.

J. K. Rowling

K Rowling has said and done some problematic things lately, and I’d love to talk to her about them. Like, see if she’s more normal in real life and just gets rattled online or if she’s actually like that in real life.

Rick Riordan

I’ve never actually read a Riordan book, but I think he’s amazing. He’s such a great ally and I’d love to meet him.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

We all know how much I love Coates, and I’d honestly just like to meet him and thank him and idk talk to him?

That’s all for today! Which authors would you like to meet? Let me know!

Ally xx

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday October 2: authors I’d love to meet

  1. I’ve heard good things about Celeste Ng’s books! Little Fires Everywhere made its way onto my TBR after seeing a few trusted bloggers really rave about it. I think Gaiman would be fascinating too, even though I’ve never read any of his books!

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  2. I’m also obsessed with Celeste Ng on Twitter, and would love to meet JK Rowling as well! I think Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) would probably be on my list, too. And Rick Riordan! I got to meet him super briefly at Book Expo and totally spent the entire 30 seconds gushing. He seems super nice, and I’d love to talk to him longer now that I got the gushing out of the way 😉

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  3. Oooohh I would totally like to meet Rick Riordan! He really seems like a nice person! And yes, also J.K. Rowling. Personally I would love to meet Cassandra Clare too, just because I love The Mortal Instruments ! Anyway, I hope everything’s fine for you :). Byye

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  4. Wow, I had no idea that Chimamanda saying transphobic things, that’s completely new to me. I didn’t expect that! Rowling is just worrying, and despite my love for the series, some of the stuff she released on Pottermore outlining why Marietta deserved to be physically scarred for life is worrying… I cannot pretend to like the woman.
    But yes Celeste Ng is amazing! Every time I go to my twitter feed in the search tab, she always falls under the books category & her tweets are always insightful and rational.

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    1. I think initially, it was ignorance about how her comments were transphobic, but I don’t remember her apologizing and I think she might have defended her comments (but I’m not 100% sure).
      Ahhh yikes I didn’t know about those things! But I totally agree, I love her for writing Harry Potter but don’t agree with pretty much anything that’s happened since it ended.
      And so glad you agree! She’s the best!

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      1. “In some ways it’s like the idea of colour-blindness, which is, I think, just a really hollow idea that if we say we don’t see colour, then somehow all the oppressions will disappear. That’s not the case …

        “I think there were people who felt I was somehow making a point about the Oppression Olympics: you haven’t suffered enough. It’s not at all that. It’s simply to see that if we can acknowledge there are differences, then we can better honestly talk about things.”
        “Had I said, ‘a cis woman is a cis woman, and a trans woman is a trans woman’, I don’t think I would get all the crap that I’m getting, but that’s actually really what I was saying.” – pulled from a Guardian article. I’m not really sure what to make of it. I do believe she was referring to the oppression women experience from a very young age (specific to women) that may not be the experience of trans women, in the sense that women are taught these oppressive rituals and are victims of oppression, but I doubt she is saying that trans women are not women or that they don’t face oppression. I think Adichie was talking about a specific kind of oppression that women face from a young age. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that very well.

        The whole Johnny Depp and Hermione is black debacle was disconcerting. The latter I think Rowling could have dealt with better instead of attacking everyone and insinuating that anybody who disagrees is racist. From a textual perspective, Hermione isn’t black, however, I remember Jennifer Niven faced backlash for casting a black Theo Finch but she handled it well. What mattered to Jennifer is that whoever is cast as Finch best represent his spirit. I think that’s what Rowling should have done. Textually = no, but she should have just said that what matters is that we get the best actress who represents Hermione well.

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      2. Oh interesting! I’d never actually read what she said before, just heard it from others. I guess what she’s saying does make sense, it probably just came off the wrong way when she first said it.

        I totally agree. I think saying “we cast this person because they were best for the part” and leaving it at that would have been the best approach

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