September Wrap-up

September was a hectic month, in mainly good ways!

Books Read

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See: 4 stars

Reviews posted

Book review: A Conjuring of Light: 3.5 stars

Into the Wild: book vs. movie

Book discussions posted

Physical TBR Update // Books I really want to read before the end of 2018

Recommendations given

Monthly recommendations: binge-worthy series // Recommendations for… fantasy for those who don’t read fantasy

Other bookish posts

Thursday’s Top 4: top TBR (#4)


I bought all my school textbooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From around the internet

Again, I have quite a few so bear with me!

‘They just wanted to silence her’: the dark side of gay stan culture: from the Guardian. This was a super interesting look at stan culture and the targets of it.

Ways to Change the World: Jameela Jamil: from BBC4. You may have seen this interview/podcast with Jameela Jamil already. It got a ton of attention at the beginning of the month. I highly recommend listening to the full thing if you haven’t. It’s such a great podcast, and I love everything she had to say.

You Know These 20 Movies. Now Meet the Women Behind Them: from the New York Times. Keeping with the theme of my blog of highlighting unknown/lesser-known women.

John Legend’s EGOT and the Seduction of Symbolic Racial Progress: from the Atlantic. This was a super interesting look at John Legend’s career and race and progression in the arts.

In Conversation: Emma Thompson: from Vulture. I love Emma Thompson and I love what she had to say here.

And You Thought Trump Voters Were Mad: from The Cut. All I’ll say is that this is so good.

This is the anger of white men, of course. Their anger is revered, respected as the stimulus for necessary political change. Because they’ve always been the rational norm, the intellectual ideal, their dissatisfactions are assumed to be grounded in reason — not the emotional muck of femininity.

I Believe Her: from the Atlantic, regarding the allegations about Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t agree with everything in this article per se, but it’s super interesting and very powerful.

In my mind, it was not an example of male aggression used against a girl to extract sex from her. In my mind, it was an example of how undesirable I was. […] Telling someone would not be revealing what he had done; it would be revealing how deserving I was of that kind of treatment.

If it is true, we’ll have to decide whether you get to attack a girl, show no remorse, and eventually become a Supreme Court justice.

Some interpersonal verbs, conjugated by gender: from the Washington Post, also regarding Brett Kavanaugh. This was such a great read.

The Root 100: from the Root, this is the 100 most influential black people from 2018. This was such a great list, and I really enjoyed reading through it. And I learned so much!

Once Christine Blasey Ford’s Humanity Was on Display, It Was All Over: from the Atlantic. I know, I know this is like the fourth Kavanaugh article. I’m SORRY I’m an opinionated person (I’m not sorry for that). This is a short but incredibly powerful piece about Dr. Ford’s testimony. I don’t know if you got the chance to watch any of it, but I highly recommend doing so.

But for a brief, majestic moment, Ford showed us what American politics might look like if Americans truly saw the people our society usually silences and grinds underfoot. If only we lived in that country every day.

Other news and highlights

If you read my post, Blog and life update!, then you’ll know that I moved across the country and started law school! So far, it’s been so great. Honestly y’all, I’m loving it. There’s a ton of reading and it’s a lot of work, but it’s so interesting and I’ve met so many wonderful people!

Personal highlights

  • None of my stuff got lost in the move! And the movers were so nice and lovely.
  • I’m getting along so well with my roommates! I’m living with two other girls in the law school, and they’re both awesome. And I really like the place we’re living, too. My room is great, and we’re in a great location, and overall I’m so happy.
  • Before classes officially started, there was an unofficial meet and greet for the law students at a bar, where I met a ton of wonderful people. After, we went to a light show held on Parliament Hill, which was super interesting.
  • There was a reception for us hosted by the law school held at the Supreme Court! It was so cool to go to the court and see inside and hear the Justice speak.
  • Living alone (with no adult supervision) is great. So far, I have managed to:
    • leave the oven on for 7 hours,
    • set the stove on fire, and
    • leave both doors unlocked all night.
  • (to be fair, the door thing wasn’t my fault! my roommates were the last ones to use the doors)
  • Our dishwasher will only work if my roommate Natasha does it. Otherwise, it beeps every two minutes and the only way to get it to stop is to turn the breaker off.
  • I got a position with the Canadian Health Coalition, volunteering and doing legal research! I’m super interested in health law, so I was so happy to get the position!!!
  • My friend and I qualified for the first year mooting competition, which is super exciting!
  • Our property law prof brought us donuts to class!


I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your love and support. All the posts from September, and most of the ones for October, were scheduled at the end of August, which is why I’ve been posting so much when I said I would be a little quiet. But I haven’t been able to blog-hop as much, which is sad. I get emails for most people I follow, so I still read most of your posts, I just don’t always get to like or comment on them.

But thank you all for still reading my posts and commenting on them. It honestly means the world, and every comment makes me happy 💖 My blog has grown way more than I ever thought it would, and I’ve made such wonderful friends because of it, so thank you all so much 💖💖

Thanks for reading! How was your month?


12 thoughts on “September Wrap-up

  1. Sounds like an awesome month! That’s great that nothing got lost in the move!

    I hadn’t heard the term “stan” before. Ugh. I don’t care who is doing it, any word that uses “stalker” in its creation isn’t one I’m going to think highly of, especially when it includes the worst of toxic fandoms. Sigh.

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