Blog and life update!

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to give a bit of a blog and life update. As some of you may know, I’m starting law school very soon (when this is being posted, it’ll be my second day of orientation)!!!!!! I’m super excited and nervous and all those other emotions that come with starting law school.

My schedule is super busy and I have some really long days, and I’m not sure what the workload will be like. So it’s pretty likely that my blogging will be somewhat reduced. I’m going to try to post four times a week (which was always my goal), but it might end up being less. And I probably won’t blog hop as much, which sucks because I love reading everyone’s posts. But I still get emails of most people’s posts, so remember that I probably still read your post!

Thanks for understanding! And thank you for all the support, it really means a lot!

Ally xx

34 thoughts on “Blog and life update!

  1. Congratulations on starting Law School. Speaking from experience, if done right, it’ll be three of the most demanding years of you life. This is different for everyone but my advice – given the competitive nature of the legal job market today – I’d dial back your expectations on reading and blogging – unless you’re planning to post on the case law you’ll be reading every night. Good Luck and Do Great Work. Brian

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    1. Thank you so much! ❀
      I accepted a while ago that reading wouldn't happen (it barely happened during undergrad) and that I'd probably only be able to blog a tiny amount, so my expectations are fairly low. But you never know, maybe I can do a post on the most interesting cases we come across!

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  2. Best of luck with law school! I hope you enjoy it! Blogging can always wait and know that we’ll be here even if you find you don’t have time to post as often or at all, we’ll be here waiting πŸ™‚ Just enjoy your time at law school, that is the main thing! πŸ™‚

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