Topics I’m not interested in

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for being a little absent the past few days. I’ve been busy doing nothing and enjoying my doing nothing. I finished work a little while ago and have been enjoying having time during the day to read books, so I haven’t been blog hopping a ton.

Anyway, today I thought I’d talk about some topics of books I’m not really interested in reading. Though I’m generally pretty open, there are some topics that just don’t interest me or that make me not want to read a book. Some of these have exceptions and books that I’ve read and loved, so I’ll talk about those too.

Survival stories

…even though I love the Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness and I also love the wilderness. I just find a lot of survival stories are the same and fairly repetitive. Funnily enough, this was a topic I LOVED as a kid. I loved the Island trilogy by Gordan Korman and I loved books about people surviving in tough situations. But now, I’m just not all that interested in them.

WW1 or WW2

…even though I love Ruta Sepetys. I’m not really sure what it is about WWI and WWII books that make me uninterested, but it’s generally not something I reach for. Which is funny, because I would count Ruta Sepetys as one of my favourite authors. I’ve never really been all that interested in war stories and reading about war, which is probably why I’m not interested in these topics.

Wild West or country-style books

…even though I am a Horse Person. I’m just not a fan of country/Western-themed things in general (except music and clubs because dancing is fun lol). So books that take place in the Wild West aren’t really my thing. I do find the South really interesting, though, and would love to read more books that take place in the south.

A lot of fairytale retellings

…even though I love Entwined by Heather Dixon and Beastly by Alex Flynn, which are retellings. Again, I’m not totally sure why I’m not interested in retellings. Maybe it’s because we already know the story, or because retellings can be hard to do. But I’m not interested in a lot of them.

Stories about Fae or fairies

As a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of fairies being real. But I was never really interested in reading fictional books about them or fae. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the recent romanticizing of them which just weirds me out??? Idk again I don’t really have a good reason. I just never reach for these stories.

High fantasy

…even though I love Tamora Pierce and ASOIAF.

OKAY hear me out: I’m dumb and I’m shit at remembering character names. Like, so bad. I can never remember ANY book or movie character names. And in high fantasy, characters have SO MANY names. Especially the medieval-style ones. Like, take Game of Thrones. Ned Stark has so many fucking names. Eddard Stark, Ned Stark, Warden of the North, Hand to the King, Lord Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Protector of the Realm, Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms. And he’s referred to by ALL these names. HOW am I supposed to remember who everyone is when everyone has 19 names?

I also just find the writing in high fantasy to be weird sometimes. Like, high fantasy authors insist on using some fake Olde English and it just confuses me? Again, I’m dumb and need things written very plainly for me to understand. So high fantasy isn’t really a genre I reach for a ton.

So those are some topics I’m not interested in reading. What about you? Are there any topics that make you not reach for a book? Any books with these topics I should give a try? Do you share my struggle with remembering names? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx

25 thoughts on “Topics I’m not interested in

  1. I am also not interested in WW1 or WW2 stories or Wild West ones. I hate name changing as I can’t recall all names, that being said, I still like high fantasy. I also love retellings but I believe it is quite challenging to write a good one!

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  2. I like every genre on this list, except for world wars (just war in general i guess) and wild west stories. I absolutely loathe wild west stories, I really don’t get why. Maybe it’s the misogynist parts that authors seem to have to include, like they think how would it be the wild west with equal rights.

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  3. I agree with your list. The only WW2 I can read are those regarding the homefront. You know, the women that stayed behind and their daily struggles to find themselves without their men and all. I can read those stories. Otherwise, the topic’s a no-go.

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  4. I agree with most of your list, actually! I’m not keen on books about abuse, ones that take place in space, or just super science fictiony in general. I’m also not a fan of the historical/fantasy mixture (but that’s because I like pure, organic history instead). Faeries are something I’ve always shied away from, but sometimes the popularity of a book will intrigue me enough to read it. P.S. I loved the Island series too! I think about it surprisingly often considering how long ago I read it.

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    1. Yay!! I’m not a huge fan of abuse stories either, they just seem sad for no reason. I tend to enjoy sci-fi but only if it’s done well and not too technical. And I tend to enjoy straight historical fiction too rather than a mixture of the two.

      Omg yay I’m so glad!! I think about them all the time too, even though it’s been probably a solid decade since I read them!

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  5. I am not a a fan of WWI or II stories either. I generally tend to avoid those. Not so interested in fae and fairies either. I do love me some epic fantasy though! 😉

    I don’t tend to read books about kids going missing or getting sick. For some reason, since I had my daughter six years ago, I can’t stomach them! I also tend to avoid overly emotional tearjerkers (My Sister’s Keeper-style). It’s just not my thing!

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  6. I also don’t go for survival stories now, but did as a kid. I read Hatchet and The Island by Gary Paulsen when I was young and LOVED them, but haven’t gone back to the genre as an adult. I’m not sure why, though. They just don’t interest me anymore. Even re-reading the books in the genre I used to love doesn’t interest me.

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  7. aside from loving survival stories, I have to agree with most of these! especially stuff that goes really into fantasy without an inkling of reality in it. and I’m also the same with WWI and WWII books, it has never interested me!

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  8. I’m not really into WW1 or WW2 stories either. I like Game of Thrones, but there are so many different characters and it’s hard to remember all of their names lol.

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  9. Hey, have you read the Tomorrow When the War Began series by John Marsden? They’re a little bit old now (the first book was published in the 1990’s), but they are fantastic! It was the first survivalist / dystopian type book I ever read. x

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