Mini review: the Measure of My Powers

The Measure of My Power: A Memoir of Food, Misery and Paris by Jackie Kai Ellis

Paraphrased from Goodreads

A story about one woman’s search for self-love, experienced through food and travel.

On the surface, Jackie Kai Ellis’s life was the one that every woman, herself included, wanted: she was in her late twenties and married to a handsome man, she had a successful career as a designer, a home that she shared with her husband. But instead of feeling fulfilled, happy, and loved, each morning she’d wake up dreading the day ahead, searching for a way out. Depression clouded each moment, the feelings of inadequacy that had begun in childhood now consumed her, and her marriage was slowly transforming into one between two strangers. In this darkness, she could only find one source of light: the kitchen.

This is the story of how, armed with nothing but a love of food and the words of M.F.K. Fisher, one woman begins a journey to find herself. Along the way, she goes to pastry school in Paris, eats the most perfect apricots over the Tuscan hills, watches a family of gorillas grazing deep in the Congolese brush, has her heart broken one last time on a bridge in Lyon, and, ultimately, finds a path to joy. Told with insight and intimacy, and radiating with warmth and humour, The Measure of My Powers is an unforgettable experience of the senses.

I entered the Goodreads giveaway for this 100% because of the gorgeous cover. So thank you to Goodreads for the giveaway and the publisher for the physical copy! This in no way affected my review.

I really enjoyed this memoir! It was really interesting. I don’t really have a ton to say, so have a mini, bulleted review.

  • I really liked the format. Each chapter has a story, generally related to food, then has the recipe at the end of the chapter. The chapters are short and sweet and easy to read.
  • The actual physical book is gorgeous. The photography is amazing, there’s different coloured pages, the font is really nice. Major bonus points for the physical book.
  • Reading about Ellis’ life was really interesting. I thought each section she talked about was relevant and important to the overall story, which I appreciated. I loved reading about her travels, the development of her relationship, and her journey in opening a bakery. It was all really interesting.

Overall, I would recommend this book if you’re interested. If you were wondering whether it’s worth it, I would say it is. I also feel like it would be a good gift book, especially for someone who likes cooking or baking.

Thanks for reading! xx

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