Woman of the Month: Katsuko Saruhashi

Woman of the Month is a feature on my blog where each month I highlight a woman in the world who I think garners recognition. I started this mainly to increase Girl Power and empowerment, and because there’s a lot of women I feel are overlooked and I wanted to bring attention to them.

This month I’m highlighting Katsuko Saruhashi.

Katsuko Saruhashi

Katsuko Saruhashi was a Japanese scientist who developed a technique that allowed her to measure the CO2 levels of sea water. Her team was the first to demonstrate the influence of radioactive fallout and how it can travel far distances. Her developments in this field helped a lot of the nuclear cleanup after WW2.

She established the Society of Japanese Women Scientists and the Saruhashi Prize, a prize given yearly to a female scientist who serves as a role model for younger women scientists. She was the first woman elected to the Science Council of Japan. She was also the first woman to earn a doctorate in chemistry, not just from the University of Tokyo, but in all of Japan.


This quote from her really sums up how I feel about women in the STEM field.

There are many women who have the ability to become great scientists. I would like to see the day when women can contribute to science and technology on an equal footing with men.

Thanks for reading! xx

5 thoughts on “Woman of the Month: Katsuko Saruhashi

  1. Awesome! I love this series of yours, and I think you’re doing a great job of highlighting women of all kinds — they’re diverse in both racial and professional background. Very nice job.

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