Recent non-bookish favourites

I really wanted to do a favourites post, so I did lol. Mainly because I’ve been listening to a lot of good music and watching good tv shows and procrastinating doing school. And I wanted to share them!

Also, I’m super busy with school the first two weeks of April, so I’ll be a little absent. I’ll still be posting and reading posts, but I might not be around as much. Sorry!!!


I have a favourites playlist on Spotify, which you can see here if you want! It’s most of my all-time favourites and some current favourites that I swap out occasionally. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

I’ve also recently discovered this playlist of instrumental covers of pop songs and honestly? it’s probably the best thing to happen to me recently. It’s perfect for when I’m studying or working on papers.

Another playlist I’ve been listening a lot to lately is my feel-good playlist. It has a lot of my recent favourite songs and songs to put me in a good mood. It’s mainly 80s music and show tunes, so idk what that says about my music taste lol

Recent favourite songs

  • We Are Golden by MIKA
  • Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson
  • Downtown by Macklemore
  • Thrash Unreal by Against Me!
  • Dancing on my Own by Calum Scott
  • All of the Lights by Kanye West
  • Ladies Choice by Zac Efron, from Hairspray
  • The Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog soundtrack: if you’ve never seen Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, I highly recommend it!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When my grandmother passed away in November, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is honestly what got me through the rest of the semester. I blew through all four seasons on Netflix in about three weeks. It’s just so good. If you’ve never watched it, please do. It deserves so much more love than it gets. I could honestly do an entire post on how much I love it.

Black Mirror, particularly Hang the DJ (season 4, episode 4)

I’ve only seen three or four episodes of Black Mirror, but I’ve watched Hang the DJ literally three times. I just really like it. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, and it’s funny and interesting. I definitely recommend it.

(also lmao when I was writing this post, I was reading this article ranking the Black Mirror episodes, and there are so many pissed off neckbeards in the comments. Like please go give the comments a read. So many “you just didn’t understand the meaning of [episode]”)

The End of the F***king World

This is a Netflix original and it’s so good. I think currently there’s only 10 episodes and they’re only 20 minutes each, so I’ve been keeping the last two to watch when I’m more emotionally stable. But I love the two main characters, and it’s such an interesting story, and the music is really good.

Lie to Me

This is a TV show on Netflix about a guy who can detect when people are lying and it’s so good. I’ve loved Lie to Me for a while, but I’m currently taking a psychology and law course and we talked about deception detection and it reminded me of Lie to Me. And then I realised I had skipped a lot of season two (idk why) so there’s still a lot for me to watch. So I’ve been watching it recently and it’s still so good.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

I just watched it, to the delight of my pretentious movie friend Noah, and I loved it. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I also don’t really know what I was expecting. If you haven’t yet watched it, I definitely recommend it. (also the R rating on Netflix is misleading. It’s definitely more of a 14A)


My best friend and I just watched this recently and I really enjoyed it. I love and would die for Saoirse Ronan and she was brilliant in it. I loved the story and everything. It 100% made me want to hug my mom lol.


Vine compilations

lmao I’m sorry. But I am literally obsessed with Vine and Vine compilations. They’re just so easy to watch. I watch them when my executive dysfunction is really bad because I don’t need to focus on anything for too long.

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara

This is honestly the best mascara I’ve ever used and I’m obsessed. If you want a drug store mascara, definitely get this one.

Cacao 70

This is the place we went for my birthday brunch and omg it’s so good. If there’s one where you live, I highly highly recommend it. The chocolate is to die for honestly.

Criminally Listed

So Criminally Listed is a Youtube channel all about true crime. Think Buzzfeed Unsolved but better (I love Buzzfeed Unsolved, but y’know). It’s so interesting and if you love true crime, I definitely recommend it. I have to limit how much I watch it because I start getting clinically paranoid lol.

Those are some of my recent favourites! Any similar thoughts? Any recent favourites? Let me know!!

Thanks for reading! xx


18 thoughts on “Recent non-bookish favourites

  1. I love favourites posts! I love Brooklyn Nine Nine. Another great 20 min show on Netflix is the Good Place. It’s become my new favourite and is just the best.

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  2. I love Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!! I have tried to get my Fiance to watch it and he didn’t like it so I don’t have anyone to fangirl over it with haha. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is also amazing! I have watched a couple episodes of Black Mirror (My Fiance loves it) but its just too scary and disturbing for me. (At least the couple episodes I watched were)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s so good!! I made my boyfriend watch it when we first started dating, but I don’t think he remembers any of it 😦 luckily he loves B99 as much as I do!
      Some of Black Mirror is too much for me, I’ve only really watched the chill ones haha (if there is such a thing for Black Mirror)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh I thought I was one of the few people who watched vine compilations!! They sneak up on you when you’re watching YouTube and suddenly, 2 hours have passed and you watched 10 videos 😂

    I really need to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I recently watched Lady Bird and I loved it so much! It had me in tears, I called my mom right after and told her how much I love and appreciate her.

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