Monthly recommendations: graphic novels/mixed media

Find out more about the Goodreads group here! This month is graphic novels and mixed media. I don’t have too many this month as I don’t read very many graphic novels or mixed media. But if you’d like to see my recommendations for coffee table books, look here!

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

I loved this graphic memoir. It was unlike anything I’ve read before, and I really related to the narrator. I also don’t know much about the Islamic Revolution in Iran, so it was so interesting. I’ll have a full review soon, but I have a mini one on my other blog which you can read here!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is one of my all-time favourites. I love Stevenson’s art, and I love all the characters and the story. I highly recommend it!

Strong is the New Pretty by Kate T. Parker

Strong is the New Pretty is a photo book of girls being active, dirty, playful, fun, daring. The photos are lovely and I think it has a great message. If you have any young girls in your life, it would be perfect for them.

Thanks for reading!! What are your favourite graphic novels or mixed media?

Ally xx

12 thoughts on “Monthly recommendations: graphic novels/mixed media

  1. My favorite graphic novels are Girl Genius and The Order of the Stick. Both fantasy-themed, though GG is more steampunk, and OOTS started as a D&D parody kind of comic. Both started ass webcomics, and have released print books since.

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      1. I really like them, partly because they are silly. (Even when they get serious, they are somewhat silly.) They are a great escape for me, and while I know some graphic novels have great, deep messages, these two just make me happy.

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