Discussion: favourite children’s books

A while ago, there was a Top 5 Wednesday post about your favourite children’s books, and in reading everyone else’s I realized I forgot so many of my own favourite. So I thought I’d do a discussion post about some of the books I read as a kid and how much I loved them.

Eva Ibbotson

I read her books Island of the Aunts, Which Witch?, and The Secret of Platform 13. I haven’t read them in years, but I saw them on my bookshelves and was overcome with such nostalgia. That’s how her books are written too. They’re so calm and lovely and beautiful, and you feel like you’re experiencing something you’ve experienced before. I loved all three so much, and I highly recommend them.

Septimus Heap by Angie Sage

I loved Magyk. It was such a good book and such a big part of my life. I also read Flyte, but never read on because life got in the way. I loved both of them so much. I really looked up to Marcia and Jenna because they were both badass and I identified with both of them I just hold this series so near and dear to me.

Magic Treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne

I think my family has every book published in this series. My parents would read my brother and I one every night (or parts of one), and then when my sister was born they did the same for her. I learned so much from them, and I think they were the first books that made me want to experience the world. Some personal favourites were the Knight at Dawn, Ghost Town at Sundown, Day of the Dragon King, Tonight on the Titanic, Twister on Tuesday, and Earthquake in the Early Morning.

Nancy Drew by Carolyne Keene

I think I read just about every Nancy Drew book there was. I loved mysteries and crime, and the little feminist I was loved Nancy Drew. Personal favourites include the Secret of the Old Clock and the Clue in the Jewel Box. I even read the newer ones, and they were honestly not bad.

The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon

Similarly, I loved the Hardy Boys. My brother and I both read them and loved them to death. We also read the more modern ones, and for 9-year-old me, they were good enough. I liked that they were more modern. A Hardy Boys book is actually where I first learned about hazing, and I’ve been interested in it ever since.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

This book guys. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it over the years. It really is so good. It’s the book that made me want to travel to Venice. It’s one of those books that I will forever hold in my heart. That’s all I really have to say about it.

(side note: while getting a photo for this post, I learned that Aaron Johnson played Prop in the movie and like ???? my mind is kinda blown because I love him)

That’s all for this post! Make sure to let me know your favourites kids books, and if you’ve read any of these!

12 thoughts on “Discussion: favourite children’s books

  1. I absolutely loved The Thief Lord when I was younger, I used to return it to the library and then the following week get it back out again! I don’t remember too much of the story specifics by now but ever since been small I have always had a yearning to visit Venice which I think probably came from reading this novel!

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  2. My sister read the Magic Treehouse books, and I was hooked on the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I particularly liked the crossover books they did for a while which had all THREE teen sleuths working together. I re-read a few of them last year, and they aren’t as amazing for me now as I remember them being, but I know I loved them at the time.

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      1. The “Supermystery” ones came out at a perfect point in my life to read them. I was just getting my teenage years, and these were a boost to my self esteem at the time. I’m a bit afraid to go back and re-read them now. I’d rather keep positive memories of them… 😉

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