2017: year highlights

So I was going to do a long year in review posts where I go through each month and highlight what happened. But 2017 was a pretty hard year for me and it was just making me frustrated to do that post. So instead, I wanted to post the highlights of what happened, and the pictures related to it.

2017 highlights

  • Wrote the LSAT and scored a 161
  • Saw the Arkells in concert
  • Skied Red Mountain
  • Turned 21
  • Was in charge of my own project at work
  • Had friends over for drinks in the summer
  • Went to Toronto for the CPA National Convention
  • Survived a week without our parents
  • Went to the Den (the student bar at my university) for summer Thursden
  • Went to Stampede with my friends
  • Hiked Alderson-Carthew and hitchhiked back to the parking lot
  • Saw Ed Sheeran in concert
  • Drunk-yelled at my friend’s mom about how good his birthday cake was
  • Argued with my friend about where the little dipper was at the same party
  • Went out to dinner with the people I ride with
  • Visited a bunch of ice cream places with my sister
  • Went rock climbing in the Rockies for the first time, learned how to clean a route
  • Went to San Francisco, Oregon, and Osoyoos
  • Saw the A’s play in Oakland, saw the Orioles get 7 runs in the first inning
  • Went ATV-ing in Oregon
  • Started my honours thesis
  • Went to Knoxville’s with my friends, had the best night ever
  • Went to Ottawa for the CPA Annual Conference
  • Wrote the LSAT again, scored worse than the first time
  • Saw Imagine Dragons in concert
  • Went drunk laser tagging with my friends
  • Presented at the BHSc Research Symposium
  • Applied to law school!!
  • Stayed up until 4 am on Halloween, discussing moral dilemmas and then sex and relationships, had someone say the words “if you make the mistake of killing someone…”
  • Finally went to Cowboy’s, hated it
  • Got a puppy!!!
  • Saw Wonder with my friends
  • Presented my summer work at Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Made ginger bread houses with my friends, wrote “eat a dick, lick my clit” on them because it “wasn’t a competition,” it was definitely a competition
  • Went skiing with my brother, didn’t die even though he tried
  • Got into law school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Horseback rode while holding a potato in a spoon, managed to not drop it too much
  • Went to two Hitmen Game, both of which went into overtime
  • Stayed up until 6am on New Years Eve with my brother’s friends

Thank you all for being a part of my 2017! All the love and support that I receive always makes me happy, and I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks for reading! (p.s. if you keep reading below and look at the pictures, there are pictures of my puppy!)

15 thoughts on “2017: year highlights

  1. You had such an awesome 2017!! Congrats on getting into law school and getting a puppy but my favorite are probably you seeing the O’s hit 7 runs in the first inning! That’s awesome and incredibly rare.

    I went to Camden Yards to see them 3 years ago and I saw 2 home runs. Not as impressive, but my first time seeing an HR in person. πŸ™‚

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  2. Congrats on law school! And all of your other adventures, too. Concerts, gingerbread houses, potatoes, morality discussions in the middle of the night….2017 may have been pretty hard, but it looks as if there were plenty of good spots, too! πŸ™‚ Hopefully 2018 will be even better for you!

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